Sunday, July 11, 2004

La Messagère Gluten-Free Beer

I finally got to try La Messagère gluten-free beer, since it is now available in several LCBO locations in Ontario. The first taste was surprising. I was unable to determine if it was any good. It has been years since I had beer, and I sort of forgot what it is supposed to taste like. I had to make a beer drinker try it. It got a positive review.
After two bottles, I can say that I think I like it.


Anonymous said...

hey, great, i am going to look for that beer.
do you know of any completely gluten free restaurants in toronto?

Brian said...

No, I know of none that are completely gluten-free. It would be nice if there was one, however.

zebby said...

i still haven't picked any up yet, maybe this weekend!

lynne said...

This beer is pretty decent. Didn't know it was available in TO but picked up a few cases when we found in Mtl this summer. Like Brian, I had to get my non-Celiac spouse to try it and tell me whether or not it was good since it was over 8 years since I'd tasted beer! Now we both agree that it is decent and at our Grey Cup party last night one of our friends liked it so much that he drank a couple of bottles instead of the regular beer we had. Definitely worth the money. Glad to hear it is available closer to home.