Monday, September 27, 2004


I made inquiries at a downtown Toronto Dominion salad bar about ingredients. The counter help were no help, so I emailed the head office. Someone replied to say that every deli has a binder with all ingredients. Armed with this information, I headed to a different downtown Dominion and was greeted by the same reply. I was referred to the deli manager, who eventually dug out a huge binder filled with all sorts of details.

It took some time for her to find the proper page (the salads are grouped by manufacturer). I found useful information. The trouble is, it would be a pain to have to go through this procedure on every visit. I wonder why that information is not posted on the web, or is made more easily available. I can't really see myself bothering in the future.

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Brian said...

Oh, I forgot to mention that, in some cases, the lists of ingredients were not helpful. Some salads contains mayonnaise. Without knowing the brand, this information is almost useless.