Friday, November 05, 2004

Finding gluten-free Thai food isn't as easy as I had thought it would be. I have had good success with Real Thailand (on Bloor), finding that virtually everything is wheat-free/gluten-free, if I was given correct information. Recently, I have been encountering problems.

At Salad King (listed on my page), I have found the staff to be extremely knowledgeable. They know, for instance, that oyster sauce contains wheat. I wonder how many other restaurants are aware of that? And, they have modified certain menu items to suit my needs. However, very little is gluten-free, even the curries, which contain wheat.

During a recent trip to New York, I went to a Thai restaurant on Broadway, and they advised me to not eat anything. All meat was marinated in soy sauce, flour was used in curries, and they weren't even sure if the noodles were made of rice.

A week ago, on my way to the Ambient Ping, I ate a Thai Chilis on Queen. I had a really excellent red curry. Everything else was off limits, mostly because of soy sauce. I had a similar experience at The One Thai on Yonge Street a while back.

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zebby said...

ambient ping! i know someone who plays at that event from time to time, though i've never gone to see him (oops)
i went to salad king last week, and there was only 2 dishes that they said were wheat free. they also claimed their soy sauce was wheat free....but it still made me nervous.
have you tried magic oven pizza on broadview yet?

does the blogger invitation allow you to initiate the comment, rather than just comment on a comment?

oh, and also, there's a whole community dedicated to gluten free food & celiac disease on which i'm on as well. maybe you already know about it!

Brian said...

Yeah, despite the fact that so much is not GF at Salad King, they have been helpful. It's close to work, so I keep going back. I have only tried Magic Oven once, a long time ago. It's not in a good location for me.

If the Blogger invitation worked properly, you will be allowed to post new messages, as well as comment on ones already there. You should see this on listed under your Blogs when you login to Blogger. I can resend an invite if you don't see that. Does that makes sense?

zebby said...

ya, if you could send it again, that would be great, and if it doesn't work i'll follow the "If you continue to have problems responding to invitations, please contact " info.
do you still have my email address from before?

lynne said...

I have also had trouble finding GF Thai food here; theorectically, the "authentic" stuff should all be GF (b/c it uses wheat-free soy and fish sauces) but it seems that the North American ingredients most restaurants use are the wheat-added version.

Went to one place a couple of weeks ago -- Thai Flavour, on Avenue just N. of Lawrence. Great atmosphere and I had excellent cold spring rolls (made with rice paper) but the pad thai was awful. I appreciate that they tried to make it GF for me, but they used ketchup in it! Yuck. I would rather have had them tell me what else I could have had that would have been good.

There is apparently an excellent Thai cookbook out there called Hot Sour Salty Sweet. I am hoping to get a copy soon so I can try making stuff at home -- fairly quick and easy food to make, I'm told, and apparently this cookbook is incredible b/c the people who write it also give a lot of history/info about places they've travelled.

lynne said...

Also wanted to add -- oyster sauce shouldn't contain wheat at all. Neither should fish sauce. You can get wheat-free versions at most Asian markets, and for standard brands the Lee Kum Kee oyster sauce is wheat-free.

Anonymous said...

Hey, if you are in the downtown core, you have to check out Spring Rolls. Just like the Salad King, they do not offer a huge selection of gluten free items, but the following are safe to eat: Sexy Summer Rolls (without the sauce), Red/Green Curry Dishes & Singapore Vermicelli. Enjoy!