Wednesday, November 24, 2004

ok, WICKED grocery shopping tonight. Fiesta Farms on essex at christie has tons of gluten-free stuff. it has alot of tinkyada's pastas. i got some lasagne noodles! and bunch of other pastas. they also have way more gluten free cereals than noahs and strictly bulk. as well, they have at least 10 different kinds of cookies (extremely important!!) and they have a very large supply of thai kitchen stuff. they also have alot of bobs mills flours and other flour stuff. it seemed like everywhere i turned, there was another gluten free product. i'm so excited~! they also have alot of organic vegetables, which if you remember what carrots used to taste like, and the wood stumps they call carrots now, you can revisit the ye olde carrot by getting organic ones. the only drag about fiesta is having to see all the stuff i can't eat now, that i may have some sentimental attachment to. also, they have rice bread but it's not gluten free. (what's the point!)and other than that, i couldn't find any bread.
it's also tricky when they say wheat free, and then you read malt on the ingredients!!! the nerve.
but i'm learnin, and quick!
i had my biopsy on monday. the gastrodoctorguy, who i love, said that i should go gluten free regardless of the results because clearly i can't take gluten. i'm supposed to call him next week for results.
i have house guests this weekend, and they want to eat out alot so i'll be reporting on my activities afterwards!!
ok cookie time now..


Brian said...

Yeah, Fiesta Farms is awesome. I make the trek there occasionally and am always amazed by the choice. Unfortunately, my closest place is No Frills (or, No Thrills), and it has a very bad selection of almost everything.

Not only malt, but there are tons of wheat-free things that are not gluten free because they use spelt and kamut. That took me a while to get used to. I am still not sure that I like rice bread. It's ok toasted, but that's about it.

lynne said...

I'm not a huge fan of GF bread, either -- useless for sandwiches, which is all I really used "real" bread for. There is a bakery out in Vineland (Sterk's?) that makes palatable bread out of corn starch (it is actually "fluffy!") and I've picked that up at the Hamilton Sat. market a few times. However, we live in Burlington so that market is not the most convenient place.

In Vancouver there is a chain of health food stores called Choices that makes the best GF multi-grain bread (rice, millet, buckwheat) I have ever tasted -- don't even have to toast it when it is fresh. I wish someone out here would pick up their recipe! Tried to have it shipped but that was way too expensive. I make people bring me loaves whenever they come to visit.

Will have to check out Fiesta Farms -- am in TO during the days and it could be a good side trip on the way home! Tinkyada pasta is excellent. The lasagne noodles seem to work pretty well; I've been cooking them first but apparently you can make it without doing that, too (which might be better since they tend to stick together when cooking.) Another really good pasta, which I have only seen at Longo's stores, is called Le Veneziane. It's made from corn and is from Italy (though surprisingly not very expensive.) I like it because it doesn't get gooey or anything and has a similar texture to wheat pasta.

zebby said...

i wasn't sure about kamut, but i knew spelt was a no no. everyone always talks about spelt and tries to tell me it's an option.

i got some pasta when i was in new jersey in october that was made with quinoa, it wasn't bad, reminded me of fresh pasta a bit. i don't remember what it was called, i haven't seen it here at all.

no thrills is great for the bankbook. we go to the one at dufferin mall sometimes, their produce is pretty good or maybe i just delude myself that it is, because it's cheap. it's not very exciting shopping though as you indicated.

i have never heard of longo's before, is there one in toronto?

there's no reply button for people's comments, is there some usual method for responding to comments or am i just used to a different kind of blog. it feels odd to post a comment not in a thread format, know what i mean?

Brian said...

I think this is the usual method for comments in Blogger. The comments are just ordered as they come in. I know what you mean about threads; they would help, I suppose. The Dufferin Mall No Frills is my neighbourhood one. It's a short walk from my house. It's both good and bad.

zebby said...

cool, we go to dufferin grove park alot with our 4 year old. we're probably at an equal distance between fiesta farms and dufferin mall. i'm convinced it's the best park in the city. i wonder if they'd be cool with baking gluten free bread in the ovens there, maybe it would taste better coming out of a brick oven.

lynne said...

I think there is a Longo's near Don Mills and Eglinton; worth the trip for the pasta! The quinoa stuff sounds neat; I tried using quinoa instead of rice a couple of times and it was pretty good, but it's harder to find.