Sunday, November 14, 2004

whoops, i first posted this in my blog instead of here. anyway, i made some muffins tonight using potato flour and maseca corn flour. they were...sandy. i'm new to gf stuff so it's a new adventure in fun and frustration.
i'm still supposed to eat wheat until november 22nd when i have an endoscopy/biopsy scheduled, but after that will be a whole new world to me.
i can't even imagine what it would have been like to have celiac disease before the internet.


Brian said...

I know what you mean: lots of GF stuff is sandy or gritty, but some is good. Welcome to this blog. I hope some others join too.

Erika Krull said...

Hi - My husband was diagnosed with celiac last summer ('06), so I'm somewhat experienced, somewhat rookie. We tried doing a GF/non-GF combo thing in our house for a few months, but it was too hard and he wasn't comfortable. So, we've been totally GF at home for about a year.

I've totally missed having oatmeal at home. Bought some oatmeal grown out in Montana or Wyoming last year (about $5 for 1 cup), but it's so expensive I haven't even used or enjoyed it! :(

I thought that was the only oatmeal made anywhere that was guaranteed GF. Then I recently found Only Oats, made in Canada. Anybody on this blog ever tried it, had a reaction, etc? Ever tried their other products like the rubs or mixes? Just wondering.

I was a nearly every day oatmeal eater since childhood in the fall and winter. I've been eating Bob's Red Mill Mighty Tasty Hot Cereal (is that avail in CA?), which is actually pretty good. But I long for the oatmeal. Are there any other brands of oatmeal someone's had good luck with, and had some variety of products? What I'm really missing is the Quaker Maple and Brown Sugar oatmeal packets I used to get.

Thanks, and I hope to find some interesting info here (even if some of the local stuff doesn't apply!)

Kearney, Nebraska, USA

amsuka said...

Maseca is specialty corn flour for making tortillas- I would use regular corn flour for any other baking.
By the way, I have a recipe for corn tortillas on my blog- they are delicious, adaptable, and they also freeze well!