Wednesday, December 15, 2004

I just had a disappointing experience with Noah's (the one at 322 Bloor Street). We purchased gluten-free sandwich buns made by Nature's Own on December 13th. They were reduced from $5.49 to $3.99 with a best before date of December 14. At home, we realized that they were moldy. Noah's refused to give a refund, claiming that they may have become moldy overnight.

Oh, and the package states that the bread must be refrigerated: Noah's did not do this.

I spend lots of money at Noah's and I have to say that I am really disappointed with them. I can't believe that they are willing to lose a customer over $4.00.


zebby said...

i was there a couple of weeks ago, and the same thing happened. i went to grab some bread, saw it was moldy, put it back on the shelf, grabbed a different kind, got it home, saw it was moldy too.

Anonymous said...

I have given up on gluten free bread. Most of it tastes dreadfull and it grows moulds better than the Potato Dextrose Agar we use in the micro lab. It's shelf live seems to be measured in minutes not days.

zebby said...

i just bought a breadmaker, and i'm trying out different recipes. well, first recipe last night. i got betty hagman's something something cookbook for xmas, and tried a bread recipe from it. i'm not that impressed with her book so far. it seems like alot of trashy recipes that i could have found in a basement bazaar cookbook. the bread i made, following her recipe, tasted sweet. it reminded me of wonder bread. YUCK. i am not looking for wonder bread, just tasty bread that's not gummy and not sandy.
my parents bought some kinnikinick bread when i was visiting them over the holidays, and i quite liked it. it had flax seeds in it, which i like.
it seems like all gluten free bread needs to be toasted, which i don't really mind. i used to just put mayonaise on my sandwiches but for some reason the rice just makes it like it doesn't exist, so now i put dijon + mayonaise and it tastes pretty darn good.
i've been keeping my bread in the freezer so it lasts.
i also bought some bread from the big carrot yesterday. it cost me 8 dollars, and was frozen when i bought it. i think it's "food for life". it looks like a dark rye, it's black rice, and actually really reminded me of that difflermpermeier (i have no idea how to spell it) dark rye that i am really missing. the only bummer was that they sweetened it (with fruit juice).

what is up with people wanting sugary tasting breads? does anyone know where to get kinnikinick breads in toronto?

oh, and i got a tortilla press for xmas as well, and i've been using mecasa corn flour and making homemade tortillas, that are pretty fantastic, and super easy.

oh oh oh. and i bought some messagere beer for new years, it was pretty good, kind of fruity. i don't think i could drink it in the quantities that i used to drink wheat beer in though.

Brian said...

I don't recall ever seeing Kinnikinick breads in Toronto. I have gf bread infrequently and have almost given up on it entirely. I seem to eat a lot of rice cakes, and I am not sure if that is good or bad.

zebby said...

i went to whole foods and bought some glutino bagels. they are OK. more like wonderbread buns than bagels but they seemed breadlike.
last week, i found some rice bread at fiesta farms, which i had never found before. i was really excited because i do most of my shopping there, and if they had a good gluten free bread, i'd be set! anyway, it's made by little stream, but i was really disappointed. the bread was mushy even after i toasted it 4 times. it reminded me of the inside of falafels, which would be ok if i was eating a falafel!!
i think the best bread i've had so far is "whitefields" (i think i got that at a health food store beside the big cheese shop in kensington market and the kinnickinick stuff that my parents got for me in ottawa. i think there's a place on bayview that has kininckcincicnick stuff. i'm going to search it out and report back! also, rumour has it, kinininkcickcick has chocolate doughnuts you can order on the web....

Anonymous said...

hey there! i saw someone was asking about Kinnikinnick products and thought i'd let you know chapmans essential foods carries it! here's a link:
i haven't tried it, but i'm still trying to find bread products without wheat/gluten. best of luck!
(location is bayview and york mills i believe, but it says on the site

Anonymous said...

I think you can buy Kinnickinick bread at Loblaws.

Best GF breads I have found are made by Molly B GF Gourmet and are available Saturday at the Pickering Market and the Waldorf Market.

British bake goods in the North market at the St Lawrence market have good cheese bread

Amity Susan Kate (am su ka) said...

On the topic of bread- Jennifers original at The Big Carrot tastes just like regular white bread- but must be ket frozen, then toasted. Brown Rice tortillas (the large ones) made by Food for Life (available at Loblaws) are EXCELLENT, and not that expensive.
If you want a bread recipe, you can visit my blog and try mine. The bread can be eaten without toasting first, does NOT need to be frozen, does not crumble on contact, and tastes pretty darn good- my non-celiac kids even request it!!
my link-