Wednesday, December 07, 2005

i went to whole foods the other day and found some food for life brown rice wraps. they were decent enough to give me the desired wrap experience, although nothing i would really get super excited about.

i also tried out some whole foods gluten free bread. they have a whole baked good section near the bakery that could probably eat up my whole paycheck.

anyway, staying away from the sweet stuff because i actually find that pretty easy to make myself, i picked up some sundried tomato bread and another one called prairie bread.
they weren't bad. they did have a strange taste to them which i can't indentify but seems to be less pronounced if you toast it - ALOT. the texture was decent. they both have dairy in them. i still like the sticklings stuff and the st lawrence market stuff best.

i ate at bar one on queen street near shaw after one of my openings recently. and the waitress although not super savvy about gluten, seemed to understand that it was important to talk to the chef about what he put in the food as well as she was the one who mentioned that gluten is not just in flour and then i went on a tirade about soya sauce. anyway, i had a steak. it was pretty yummy, except that i had a lumbar puncture earlier in the day and my post spinal tap headache that i didn't know was going to happen started to kick in. oh, sorry, tangent. anyway, most of the stuff was not really going to work for me but at least i wasn't stuck with the salad.

a recent candida dieter in the family has been a blessing in disguise. i am slowly gaining an alliance. muhahhaha

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

ok, so tonight, my 4 year old (almost 5) co-chef and i followed one of my grandma's recipes from her "allergy" book that i inherited to make some pizza, that boy oh boy, was really quite yum and super easy really, even though it involved yeast. we even adapted it because we didn't have enough rice flour so used some all purpose bobs red mill gf flour mix. so officially i haven't tried just the rice flour version. i'll try it and let people know if it's just as good. if anybody is dying for the recipe, lemme know.
it's the first recipe that i've tried from that book and i'm totally impressed. it was such an easy recipe and didn't require 234522 binders and gums and 345 flours and a bit of milk and a bit of potato. etc.

also, yesterday, the chef and i made some biscuits. they were OK. nothing fantastic. again, using bob's red mill biscuit mix. we added cinamon and sugar to a little finger hole we poked in the top and shoved some raisins in there as well.

i swear i don't work for bob. i tried some of the gf bread mix, that even includes the yeast packet. it was really good. it wasn't that good right out of the oven, but a couple of hours later, and the next day, it sliced up very nicely and toasted almost like wheat bread (only had to push it down once!! with the setting full blast of course) again, it didn't take that long and was worth the extra effort. plus the kid enjoyed making it.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Rice Cakes

Maybe it's the result of an overload, but I am beginning to strongly believe that rice cakes are seriously misnamed. I'd be happy to take suggestions for new names and pass them on to the manufacturers. We should probably steer clear of such things as rice Styrofoam or dry tasteless slabs of congealed rice.

Monday, October 03, 2005


is Celiac Awareness Month. You already knew that, of course.

Friday, September 23, 2005

GFT has Moved

Well, that was fast. The old page is still there, but I have mirrored it on a server where I work. It has a bad URL, but what can I do? The good news is that there are no more annoying GeoCities ads. Here it is:

I made some small updates, but, as always, I appreciate intel, especially since I don't dine out as much as I used to. And, as I always say, you too can join this blog.

I've added the ability to comment on the restaurant listings on the GFT page. I hope it works okay. I am thinking of moving the page because I am tired of the Geocities advertisements.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Triumph Dining Cards

Ross, from Triumph Dining, was good enough to send me two sample dining cards (Mexican and Thai). I am not sure that I am in the best position to judge them because I have never used a dining card, and I have not tried these ones, but I think I will.

The cards seem to contain more information than other cards, although the only ones I have really seen are the samples printed in the back of Against the Grain, by Jax Peters Lowell.

The cards are laminated and can be folded to wallet size. English is presented on one side, while the language of the cuisine in question is printed on the reverse. I think it is safe to assume that the translations are accurate. Although there is quite a lot of text, the company states that most chefs can read the card in about one minute.

The cards include a listing of foods and ingredients that cannot be eaten, those that should be checked, and things we can always eat. A statement about contamination is also included. Clearly, there was much research carried out in preparing these cards. As an example, here is a section from the FAQ:

24. Why isn't rye on the Indian card?
The grain rye is almost unheard of in India. Multiple authoritative English-Hindi dictionaries indicated that there is no direct Hindi translation of rye. (Hindi is the official language of India.) Rye was defined only as a "type of wheat." In fact, our 3 Ivy-League educated translators and editors, all natives of India, were unfamiliar with rye as a grain. We also consulted with multiple Indian chefs, grocers, and food distributors, and no one was familiar with the grain rye in Indian cooking. NOTE: Please be careful not to confuse "rye," the grain, which is practically nonexistent in Indian cooking with "rai" the spice. Rai (also spelled "rye") is a small round mustard seed used in Indian cooking. The spice rai is gluten-free - though the name might suggest otherwise!

The Triumph Dining site indicates that Thai is the most celiac-friendly cuisine. I have heard that from other sources as well. Oddly, I have had a hard time finding gluten-free Thai food in Toronto. Recently, I was told I couldn't eat anything at a Thai restaurant on Bloor Street. Another local place has only one dish that is GF. I have yet to find a Thai restaurant in Toronto that uses wheat-free soy sauce. In New York last year, I was turned away by a Thai restaurant, because all of the dishes had either wheat-based soy sauce or were thickened with flour.

I think I will make a trek to that restaurant that turned me down with the card and see if it makes a difference. Maybe I was not clear enough. After all, I recall going to extreme lengths to describe my dietary restrictions to a Maitre D in a restaurant in Houston, only to hear him recommend a deep fried monte cristo sandwich! I went somewhere else.

The cards look professional, well-researched, and useful, but I will post a follow up after I try the cards.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

just when i started getting used to reading labels as well as kind of enjoying my new relationship with food, i stopped in at a corner store and grabbed my favourite kind of mrs vickies chips.
only to shove a couple in my mouth without reading the ingredients and so proceeding to do so while i'm chewing. there lo and behold is "wheat" and i'm like WTF? then i realized that my favourite kind, which i haven't had in at least a year, is sea salt and MALT vinegar.
duh me.
luckily i never swallowed it, and so i'm standing on spadina spitting into a plastic bag, swirling spit around in my mouth trying to get every bit out of my mouth. people walking by, looking at me sideways, like i have morning sickness or maybe i'm junked out. at least my kid was with me. for some reason, being around my kid gives me permission to look neurotic but not actually really be neurotic.
so far so good. i have some intestinal complaining going on but i don't think it's going to knock me over for days. i hope.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

for some reason, the independant grocer in hunstville has a serious buttload of gluten free foods. there must be some very wealthy powerful cottager somewhere in the area. (i wish it was me!)
anyway, i tried an el peto blueberry pie, and it wasn't bad!! it wasn't flakey like normal pie, but it was still pie. and fullfilled a pie experience. i also tried their "hamburger buns". they use alot of potato starch in their stuff. i have to wonder how nutritious this crap is. i''m getting fatter and fatter. seriously, how much rice does it take to make a cup of rice flour. probably a whole lot!!! anyway, the "hamburger buns" are more like english muffins so if you've been missing english muffins, i can vouch for their validity in that regard, but not in the bun realm.
i also tried one of their multigrain breads, which had sunflower seeds and flax seeds in it, and it was very good toasted. it reminded me alot of the 12 grain bread i used to get. their white rice hot dog buns glow in the dark, but suffice if you are jonsing for a chien chaude. (you can see that i went a little crazy in hunstville)
so now i'm wondering if anyone has seen el peto products (other than what you can get at bulk barn - like the dried stuff) in toronto.
i shouldn't really be asking because i've sworn myself off carbs for a bit because of all the pies and tube steaks i've been eating. but i know that winter is comin....and pie i'll be a needing.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Triumph Dining

I just got an email from the people at Triumph Dining. The link wasn't working when I checked it today, although it did work yesterday. This new website is "focused on safe and easy Gluten Free Restaurant Dining." I didn't get much of a chance to look around.

The site is supposed to offer:

1. A rapidly growing, online restaurant review database (free)
2. A website full of helpful tips for safely eating in ethnic restaurants (free)
3. The best restaurant cards on the market (modest fee)
4. Newsletter articles on aspects of dining out safely (free)

If it looks good, I will add it to the Gluten-Free Toronto site. Have a look and let me know what you think.

Monday, June 13, 2005

so you know those sprouted breads? manna breads, and i think food for life makes some also...someone told me today i could eat them because sprouted wheat didn't have any that true? it seemed like it wouldn't be but i am not sure.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

i was at my studio today, i just moved into a new one on atlantic near king. and i discovered a 24 hr dominion, just off atlantic. they have alot of gluten free stuff there. i bought an amy's gf pizza. it's plain with cheese. i think they have one that has soya cheese too. (but i didn't actually check if it was gf too, since i can eat cheese)
i put it on our bbq tonight and topped it with other stuff, and then dumped olive oil and garlic and basil on it and it was pretty tasty. i believed it was pizza.

they also have kinnickinick stuff there. like 4 different breads, bagels, some overly sugary blueberry muffins, cookies.
they have a ton of other stuff too. i was impressed.
AND they have this neat new checkout for 1-12 items, where you scan the items yourself and it tells you to put the stuff into bags. it's really creepy and reeks of bad 1980's plots about machines taking over our jobs and the world. i almost asked the manager when i'd be getting my vacation pay cheque.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

food warnings. (*&^@*!&^#@)
i recently read a food warning on the site.
and i have been eating a product listed on there for months from the store across the street from where i work. ugh.

sometimes i think i have everything under control, and things are easy. basically just eat non preprepared foods and stay away from wheat. easy peasy. then stuff like this happens because i have to have some convenience, what with the whole capitalism/work/paycheck/busybusy structure and i can't grow nuts in my backyard.

i don't even understand what the purpose of wheat is in so many products. it seems like there should be some really great conspiracy theories about this. i have been trying to find some good ones, but everyone points me to the farming subsidies. i was hoping for something more bizarre but maybe i just havent' looked into it as deeply as i should.

i totally know i'm still ingesting IT- you know "THE SPICE" from places, (yeah, i never actually read Dune) i just haven't figured out all the sources.

i like that some of my friends are trying to accomodate me, like "hey can you eat chips" when they invite me over.
but i am thinking, why can't you just make something that i don't have to guess in advance without reading the label. like how about fruits and vegetables.
i don't like that some of my friends ask me to pick up some ace bakery bread to their parties, and they aren't joking. today i purposely brought second rate baguette so they won't ask me to bring it next time. i am a passive agressive gf activist. haha. or maybe that should be a passive aglutengressivist. ok i'll stop.

Monday, May 30, 2005

Jack Astor's

If you subscribe to the Celiac Disease Mailing List, you may have already seen this post, re-posted here with permission of the author.

Hi Listmates,

I you live in Toronto, ON or ever visit here, the Jack Astor's at Front St
and University now has a gluten-free version of the core menu. I spent a
several weeks compling this in my spare time and it is will soon be posted
where the servers have access to it. I do work there, and eat there
frequently as well. But, for the lists benefit, here it is in its entirety.
This menu only applies to this location, as recipes do differ at some
locations. I will try my best to keep it updated, and to post gluten-free
versions of the 'festival' and 'seasonal' menus.

Thanks very much for your time,
Jac the Celiac



NOTE: Some items on this menu have to be specially modified and may take
longer to prepare. Also, as in all non-dedicated kitchens there is the
possibility of cross-contamination between items. We will however make the
utmost effort to prevent this, and provide you with an excellent experience.


LOBSTER CRAB DIP- order with all nachos.

J.D SHRIMP- the coating is a blend of rice flour and cornstarch. The BBQ
sauce is gluten-free.

BEEF FAJITA NACHOS- order vegetarian, as the chili is not gluten-free.

CHICKEN WINGS- order with no breading and they will be cooked from fresh
chicken wings. Also, order no blue cheese dipping sauce. The hot, medium, or
mild wing sauce should be ordered on the side. BBQ and Plum sauce are also


At this time, no JACK ASTOR’S soups are gluten-free.

APPETIZER CAESAR- order with no croutons.

APPETIZER HOUSE- order with no croutons. The following dressings are
gluten-free: Garlic Vinaigrette, Raspberry Vinaigrette, Honey Mustard and


ASIAGO-CRUSTED CHICKEN CAESAR SALAD- order no croutons, and plain chicken
(no marinade).

CALIFORNIA GRILLED CHICKEN- order plain chicken (no marinade), and no
balsamic drizzle.

GRILLED SALMON SALAD- order no citrus teriyaki on the salmon.


PLAIN BURGER- order no bun, with or without the fries.

CHEESE BURGER- order no bun, with or without the fries.

DELUXE BACON CHEESE BURGER- order no bun, with or without the fries.


THAI COCONUT CURRY- order as is, is quite spicy and contains peanuts.


CITRUS MANGO SALMON- order with no citrus teriyaki.


BUTTER BRUSHED N.Y- order as is.



FRIES- gluten-free.

LOADED BAKER- butter, sour cream, cheese and bacon are all gluten-free.

JASMINE RICE- gluten-free, unlike the Jack’s Rice, which is not.

JACK’S VEG- a word of warning: the Jack’s Veg are cooked in the same water
–which is continuously being replaced by fresh water- as the pastas.


VANILLA ICE CREAM- with any of the following toppings: Chocolate Sauce, White
Chocolate Sauce, Caramel Sauce, Whipped Cream, Bananas, Raspberries,
Blackberries, Pecans and Cashews.

Complied by: Jaclyn Tiller (a.k.a Jac the Celiac) who was diagnosed with
Celiac Disease over 20 years ago and has worked at Jack Astor’s Front and
Centre since it opened in February 2005.

CHICKEN WINGS- order with no breading and they will be cooked from fresh
chicken wings. Also, order no blue cheese dipping sauce. The hot, medium, or
mild wing sauce should be ordered on the side. BBQ and Plum sauce are also

Complied by: Jaclyn Tiller (a.k.a Jac the Celiac) who was diagnosed with
Celiac Disease over 20 years ago and has worked at Jack Astor’s Front and
Centre since it opened in February 2005.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

there's a health food store in kensington market that seems to carry quite a bit of gluten free stuff. it's really close to the moon beam, but i didn't take note of what it's called.
anyway, i bought some food for life walnut & brown rice bread. it's OK. they also have some variety of bagel that was pretty disappointing.
however, last weekend a friend of mine, on his own volition, found some gluten free bread at st lawrence market. someone (i forget who) mentioned it on this blog awhile back.
i have to say, it is really really good. even people who can still eat ace bakery bread like it. my only issue with it is that every time i've eaten it, i've had really bad gas later. i have eaten quite a bit of it in one sitting because it's so tasty so maybe that's why (i know that's too much information, but it does matter if food makes you do that!!!) anyway, might be the soya in it. they also have other stuff, a pumpkin seed bread, and some sweetie stuff.
it's 5 bucks for a loaf, the best i've had yet. i still love sticklings for making sandwiches though.

i recently discovered that oyster sauce usually has wheat in it. i've been getting poisoned over the last month, eating at my lunch place, even after i talked to them and explained what i could and couldn't eat. i started getting symptoms back and it got pretty nasty. i'm glad i identified the source though, so now i can start all over again and feel better soon.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Allergies in Today's Toronto Star

There is a whole section on allergies in the Toronto Star today, including an article on Celiac Disease, entitled: "Breaking bread can be a sickening thought: Gluten can cause serious problems for celiac sufferers." The article seems not to be available online. It is a good article and it clearly emphasizes the point that Celiac Disease is not an allergy, but an intolerance.

The article was written by Elvira Cordileone.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Yet Another Update to the Gluten-Free Toronto Pages

The owner of Magic Oven has provided me with some new details. Magic Oven has recently opened Café Next Door, at 790 Broadview Avenue (416.469.1971). The menu features vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free and wheat-free options for lunch, dinner and weekend brunch.

Magic Oven now sells pizza by the slice.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Another Update to the Gluten-free Toronto Pages

I added The Wholesome Market to the stores page. It is located at 2234 Queen Street East at Beech. Thanks to Mary for alerting me to this store.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Updates to Gluten-Free Toronto Pages

I added Megas Restaurant to the restaurants page and the Danish Style Bake Shop & Delicatessen to the stores page, with thanks to Rod for the suggestions. I also edited the listing for the Fox & Fiddle, which is no longer owned by Dennis Hansen, a celiac. Thanks to Janet for letting me know about that.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

New Template

I was tired of the old one. You like this one?

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Local Conference

The Canadian Celiac Association, Hamilton Chapter, has a conference, as you may already know. I am not going:

Celiac Disease… Not Just a Gut Reaction
Saturday, April 16, 2005, 8:00 am
Liuna Station, James St N, Hamilton

More info.

Saturday, April 02, 2005

i bought one of the "daim" chocolate almond cakes from ikea that are gluten free. they're not bad, not super great. the dark chocolate on the top was too sweet, and didn't seem like dark chocolate. if they had actually used dark chocolate, it probabably would have been 50 times better. anyway, the cool thing is, that if people are looking for a dessert to serve that you can eat, or looking for a cake for you to have, it's easy enough to point them to ikea, since ikea is following close behind mcdonalds in it's attempts at world domination.

i leave you with "chocolate chips are still my salvation"

oh oh oh. but wait, it would not be like me to be done so quickly. also, there are these things..that are kind of like tacos but flat. and i am sooo liking them. they're easier to eat and i can think of about ten thousand ways to top them. they're tostadas, and they have them at nofrills and fiesta farms and are made from just corn.
(personally i make homemade ones that taste better but it's nice to just be able to buy stuff so you can have a life beyond this whole overwhelming wheatless adventure.)

and finally, i found those rice paper wraps that you make cold spring rolls with at no frills. i've been making mad amounts of cold spring rolls. they are sooo easy. you don't even have to cook the wrap stuff, just leave it in water for less than a minute and wrap up stuff in them.
but i have a question. i really really like deep fried thai spring rolls. i have been told they are not wheat i'm wondering, can i not just deep fry the rice paper ones? anyone ever try that?

Saturday, March 26, 2005

i've been buying sticklings rice bread lately, from a health food store on bloor, west of spadina, it's right across from kinkos. i forget what the store is called.
it's not amazing bread, but it's decent and pretty convenient to get. it tastes ok toasted, as usual. i even eat it just with butter.
it also has no dairy in it.

my mother in law tried to serve me curry again that had flour in it.

i was a bad girl recently and shared a fondue with bread eaters. i've been suffering for two days. i won't be doing that again.

chocolate chips are my salvation!!!

Monday, March 21, 2005


Chippy's has recently opened a second location at 490 Bloor West (at Brunswick, 416-516-7776). The other location is 893 Queen West, at Gore Vale, (416-866-7474).

The staff at the Bloor street location told me that they have a dedicated deep fryer for french fries. All breaded stuff is fried in a separate fryer. They also told me that the fries are fresh cut potatoes with nothing added. So, they seem to be gluten-free.

Here's a review.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Axcess Restaurant

I removed the Axcess Restaurant from the Gluten-Free Toronto site. Wendy told me that it was closed (thanks for letting me know). I checked it out, and she is right.
National Post Article

There's a good article on the back page of section one of the National Post today:

"This Bread is More scary than it Looks," National Post, Tuesday, March 15, 2005, page A20. By Rosie Schwartz.

The Online version has a different title. I am not sure how long the link will be valid.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

My wife and I stopped in at the El Peto factory outlet in Cambridge on Saturday. Well worth the 5 minute detour off 401. I picked up several loaves of bread, both of which are terrific. One is a GF whole grains while the other is a flax seed bread. I like these even better than the Kinnikinnick whole grains, they have a much firmer and denser texture.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Off Topic: Gmail Invites

I have 50 Gmail invitations to give away. If you want one, leave a comment.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

i went to this store on bloor today, i think it's called organics on bloor or something like that.
i was there about a month ago, and asked for gf bread and she said she was getting some soon. and she did!
but alas, it's little stream, and i don't like little stream. i found it mushy and unbreadlike. so i told her so. she asked me if there was one i liked, and i said, yeah!!! sterks!!! so she wrote down the info, and then i told her about kinnickinick bagels, donuts and bread....
i really really really hope she gets sterks bread in!!!! she is going to call me if she gets it in so i will post here if she does, because it's really the closest to "normal" sliced bread i've had yet. in fact, i forgot it was gluten free when i was eating a toasted sandwich, while doing stuff on my computer.

also, a new "natural" food store opened up literally around the corner from where i live. i am going to investigate thoroughly when they open and try to influence them. i'm drooling over the idea of sterks bread around the corner from me!!!

ok, and for my whine of the day. there was a union meeting this week, and the secretary was bugging me to go, and tried to bribe me with pizza. i normally don't need bribing to go to the meetings but the timing was all wrong this week with picking up my kid etc. so i told her i can't eat pizza. then she said, well there's nice sandwiches, and so i said i can't eat sandwiches. so then she asked me why, and i said, i can't eat gluten, and she said, oh so and so can't either so i always order her a salad, so i can do the same for you next time. which KIND OF seems like a nice thing to do, except that salads are not the same thing as pizza. it's very hard for me to feel like i've had dinner with a salad, unless it's a whole pile of protein things in it like chicken or nuts, and then also some beans, and some rice. but i know she didn't mean that kind of salad. maybe i will give her il fornello's number.

ok, i have one more whine. it bugs me when i go to my friends house and they almost serve me curry with flour in it, and i carefully ask if there's gluten in it, and one of my friends says no, because she doesn't think there is, and the other one says, yeah there is, but it's only two teaspoons of flour. my parents did the "it's only a little bit" thing to me, so have a bunch of other extended family. how do i get them to understand? should i bother? i don't want to be the high maintenance guest, maybe i should just eat before i go anywhere.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

A while back, I ate at the Corner House Restaurant (501 Davenport Road @ Spadina). Before going, I called and was amazed to learn that gluten was not a foreign term. At the restaurant, I found that the wait staff was familiar with gluten too.

Many menu items were gluten-free. Corner House is not a cheap place, however, but it is good.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

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Once you have your account set up, you can post (blog) from and comment on other posts from this site.

Sunday, February 13, 2005

i just came back from chapmans (york mills & bayview) waaaaaay out of the way for me but i've been looking for kinnickinick bread somewhere local-ish and they have it. they also have "starks" bread which is a bread from vineland ontario, and is apparently pretty popular, so i bought some to try. interestingly, the ingredients for the starks italian bread, are just corn starch and then the usual guar gum, yeast, yadda yadda. so i'm might be pretty easy just to make bread this way, (assuming it tastes good, it's still in my freezer)without having to use the 239847324 rice flours & bean flour combinations that everyone's recipes seem to contain. it wouldn't work for people who can't have corn, but thats not me so i'm excited. we've made pizza dough out of the maseca tortilla flour stuff before, and it turned out not too bad.
i also grabbed some kinnickinick cinnamon sugar doughnuts, and they're pretty yum. (they still had that bounce thing that drives me crazy with gf products) they had alot of stuff there so i think i'll probably go once in awhile to get stuff when i'm really hankering for breads & cakes. they have a bunch of varieties of gf bagels too. (none looked very impressive)
they had crackers that actually looked like crackers and i was about to buy them but noticed they were 12 dollars so uh. nah.

Friday, February 11, 2005

so i was at no frills at dufferin mall today and found brown rice pasta, which i'd never seen there before but maybe i just overlooked it. it was only 1.99 too which is the cheapest i've ever seen.

i wish i could eat pumpernickel. (it's hard to not sneak a whine in there somewhere!)

i found some roasted buckwheat at fiesta farms last week, thought i'd try it. it's a bit strange. i found the smell of it cooking hard to take. i liked the texture of it though, and maybe if i knew what to put with it, it'd be tasty.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

I attended the OLA conference this week and was very disappointed with the catering abilities of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. I, along with three other people - whom I did not meet- requested a gluten-free meal. I was presented with a platter of cold meats (salami, etc.). I had some suspicions about the food. After all, I have heard that this type of food is problematic because of the fillers and such. I can't imagine that they called the company to verify. And so, I managed to get some rice and salad from the buffet. The other stuff was clearly off-limits. Worse was the fact that the huge pile of fruit was all gone by the time I made my way there. All that was left in the dessert area were pastries and cookies. I have the email address for the catering service, so I plan to let them know that the MTCC is not, despite what I was told, a "world class organization." At other conferences, I have had no difficulty obtaining a special meal that is a "real meal", not a last minute platter of cold cuts that clearly required no thought. I don't think I am being unreasonable.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Wow, I haven't posted anything is a while. I updated the restaurant page on Gluten-free Toronto: Magic Oven has a second location at 127 Jefferson Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, M6K 3E4 416.539.0555. It delivers to Liberty Village, Parkdale, Harbourfront, Downtown, Annex, and Roncesvalles. Magic Oven also operates Magical Catering. I also added Fiesta Farms to the Stores page.