Thursday, February 24, 2005

i went to this store on bloor today, i think it's called organics on bloor or something like that.
i was there about a month ago, and asked for gf bread and she said she was getting some soon. and she did!
but alas, it's little stream, and i don't like little stream. i found it mushy and unbreadlike. so i told her so. she asked me if there was one i liked, and i said, yeah!!! sterks!!! so she wrote down the info, and then i told her about kinnickinick bagels, donuts and bread....
i really really really hope she gets sterks bread in!!!! she is going to call me if she gets it in so i will post here if she does, because it's really the closest to "normal" sliced bread i've had yet. in fact, i forgot it was gluten free when i was eating a toasted sandwich, while doing stuff on my computer.

also, a new "natural" food store opened up literally around the corner from where i live. i am going to investigate thoroughly when they open and try to influence them. i'm drooling over the idea of sterks bread around the corner from me!!!

ok, and for my whine of the day. there was a union meeting this week, and the secretary was bugging me to go, and tried to bribe me with pizza. i normally don't need bribing to go to the meetings but the timing was all wrong this week with picking up my kid etc. so i told her i can't eat pizza. then she said, well there's nice sandwiches, and so i said i can't eat sandwiches. so then she asked me why, and i said, i can't eat gluten, and she said, oh so and so can't either so i always order her a salad, so i can do the same for you next time. which KIND OF seems like a nice thing to do, except that salads are not the same thing as pizza. it's very hard for me to feel like i've had dinner with a salad, unless it's a whole pile of protein things in it like chicken or nuts, and then also some beans, and some rice. but i know she didn't mean that kind of salad. maybe i will give her il fornello's number.

ok, i have one more whine. it bugs me when i go to my friends house and they almost serve me curry with flour in it, and i carefully ask if there's gluten in it, and one of my friends says no, because she doesn't think there is, and the other one says, yeah there is, but it's only two teaspoons of flour. my parents did the "it's only a little bit" thing to me, so have a bunch of other extended family. how do i get them to understand? should i bother? i don't want to be the high maintenance guest, maybe i should just eat before i go anywhere.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

A while back, I ate at the Corner House Restaurant (501 Davenport Road @ Spadina). Before going, I called and was amazed to learn that gluten was not a foreign term. At the restaurant, I found that the wait staff was familiar with gluten too.

Many menu items were gluten-free. Corner House is not a cheap place, however, but it is good.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

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Sunday, February 13, 2005

i just came back from chapmans (york mills & bayview) waaaaaay out of the way for me but i've been looking for kinnickinick bread somewhere local-ish and they have it. they also have "starks" bread which is a bread from vineland ontario, and is apparently pretty popular, so i bought some to try. interestingly, the ingredients for the starks italian bread, are just corn starch and then the usual guar gum, yeast, yadda yadda. so i'm might be pretty easy just to make bread this way, (assuming it tastes good, it's still in my freezer)without having to use the 239847324 rice flours & bean flour combinations that everyone's recipes seem to contain. it wouldn't work for people who can't have corn, but thats not me so i'm excited. we've made pizza dough out of the maseca tortilla flour stuff before, and it turned out not too bad.
i also grabbed some kinnickinick cinnamon sugar doughnuts, and they're pretty yum. (they still had that bounce thing that drives me crazy with gf products) they had alot of stuff there so i think i'll probably go once in awhile to get stuff when i'm really hankering for breads & cakes. they have a bunch of varieties of gf bagels too. (none looked very impressive)
they had crackers that actually looked like crackers and i was about to buy them but noticed they were 12 dollars so uh. nah.

Friday, February 11, 2005

so i was at no frills at dufferin mall today and found brown rice pasta, which i'd never seen there before but maybe i just overlooked it. it was only 1.99 too which is the cheapest i've ever seen.

i wish i could eat pumpernickel. (it's hard to not sneak a whine in there somewhere!)

i found some roasted buckwheat at fiesta farms last week, thought i'd try it. it's a bit strange. i found the smell of it cooking hard to take. i liked the texture of it though, and maybe if i knew what to put with it, it'd be tasty.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

I attended the OLA conference this week and was very disappointed with the catering abilities of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. I, along with three other people - whom I did not meet- requested a gluten-free meal. I was presented with a platter of cold meats (salami, etc.). I had some suspicions about the food. After all, I have heard that this type of food is problematic because of the fillers and such. I can't imagine that they called the company to verify. And so, I managed to get some rice and salad from the buffet. The other stuff was clearly off-limits. Worse was the fact that the huge pile of fruit was all gone by the time I made my way there. All that was left in the dessert area were pastries and cookies. I have the email address for the catering service, so I plan to let them know that the MTCC is not, despite what I was told, a "world class organization." At other conferences, I have had no difficulty obtaining a special meal that is a "real meal", not a last minute platter of cold cuts that clearly required no thought. I don't think I am being unreasonable.