Sunday, February 13, 2005

i just came back from chapmans (york mills & bayview) waaaaaay out of the way for me but i've been looking for kinnickinick bread somewhere local-ish and they have it. they also have "starks" bread which is a bread from vineland ontario, and is apparently pretty popular, so i bought some to try. interestingly, the ingredients for the starks italian bread, are just corn starch and then the usual guar gum, yeast, yadda yadda. so i'm might be pretty easy just to make bread this way, (assuming it tastes good, it's still in my freezer)without having to use the 239847324 rice flours & bean flour combinations that everyone's recipes seem to contain. it wouldn't work for people who can't have corn, but thats not me so i'm excited. we've made pizza dough out of the maseca tortilla flour stuff before, and it turned out not too bad.
i also grabbed some kinnickinick cinnamon sugar doughnuts, and they're pretty yum. (they still had that bounce thing that drives me crazy with gf products) they had alot of stuff there so i think i'll probably go once in awhile to get stuff when i'm really hankering for breads & cakes. they have a bunch of varieties of gf bagels too. (none looked very impressive)
they had crackers that actually looked like crackers and i was about to buy them but noticed they were 12 dollars so uh. nah.


Anonymous said...

Sterk's bread is excellent; it is good toasted and more edible than most when non-toasted. I've gotten it at the Hamilton Market a few times; didn't know it was available downtown. They also make a great cinnamon load, if you can find it at Chapman's.


zebby said...

yah! tasty. it felt like i was eating bread.
chapmans is so out of the way for me, i will likely only go there once in awhile, but i will definately try whatever they have, since they seem to have the best selection so far.

Jay said...

I picked up a loaf of Kinnikinnick Many Wonder MultiGrain Rice bread at the Specialty Food Shop at Sick Kids last week. It's the best GF bread I've eaten so far. Also found Kinnikinnick at the Dominion in Market Square across from the St Lawrence Market.

Bought a few tasty treats at Sweet Everythings in the North Market. He told me that he makes egg bread (which people use for making stuffing), hamburger buns that are similar to the egg bread, and a pumpernickel bread. He said I could call him during the week and he would bake some to the next Saturday market day. Call Michael or Liane at 1.888.748.3333

zebby said...

oh awesome! i work pretty close to sick kids, i could easily go there on my lunch to pick up decent bread.
isn't pumpernickel off limits?

Jay said...

Pumpernickel usually is a rye bread, which is clearly not GF. I just got off the phone with Michael. He told me he makes it with GF flour, molasses and other GF ingredients. If you want to try it, please call him during the week so that he can make it for you.

I'm not going to the market tomorrow, but I may try a loaf next weekend.