Friday, February 11, 2005

so i was at no frills at dufferin mall today and found brown rice pasta, which i'd never seen there before but maybe i just overlooked it. it was only 1.99 too which is the cheapest i've ever seen.

i wish i could eat pumpernickel. (it's hard to not sneak a whine in there somewhere!)

i found some roasted buckwheat at fiesta farms last week, thought i'd try it. it's a bit strange. i found the smell of it cooking hard to take. i liked the texture of it though, and maybe if i knew what to put with it, it'd be tasty.


Brian said...

That's new, and it's about time. I am going there tomorrow and will have to see if I can find it. The No Frills on Lansdowne has sold rice pasta since it opened.

I've never tried roated buckwheat. Maybe someday.

zebby said...

it's in the pasta section, if you're facing it, it was on the right hand side, near the end.

Jay said...

Hi everyone. I'm newly diagnosed with Celiac, and am trying to find Asian foods that I can eat.

My wife and I were at a hors d'oevres party last night. A Korean woman brought this amazing pork dish. My wife liked it so much that she asked for the recipe so that she could make it for me. I went to a Korean store in Islington this AM, and the key ingredient, red pepper paste, contains wheat flour. Most of the other dry groceries in this store also contain wheat.

Do any of you know of Korean or other Asian health food stores that would carry GF ingredients?

zebby said...

fiesta farms (at christie and essex) carries alot of thai kitchen sauces, which are mostly gluten free, but check the labels because there's a couple that aren't. you can find thai kitchen at alot of grocery stores. i don't know about korean stuff though. also, san-j makes an organic wheat free soya sauce but their other sauces aren't wheat free. if i think of anything else, i'll post it!

Anonymous said...

Whole Foods has a decent selection of Asian foods/ingredients; not sure which are GF, but they have Thai Kitchen and other products. TK makes a decent fish sauce (not a dark as the Vietnamese kind, but tastes good in most dishes.) I also use the San-J tamari (wheat-free soy sauce), although I think the Loblaw's no-name soy sauce is also GF (used to be; please check the label before buying.) Lee Kum Kee makes good chili-garlic sauce and sesame oil.

You can also try South Asian/Indian food stores; usually have a wide variety of ingredients and not just those used in Indian cooking (for example, they usually have tamarind paste and lime leaves, used in Thai cooking.)

Not sure about Korean food; we tend to cook a lot of Thai and Vietnamese dishes. If you are looking for a good Asian cook book (Thai/Vietnamese/Cambodian/ Chinese) I highly recommend "Hot Sour Salty Sweet" by Jeffrey Alford and Naomi Duguid. Other than the soy sauce (I substitute tamari) most of the ingredients are GF. It is a pricey book, but worth every penny it you like Asian food, and is also an interesting read. Everything we've made so far has been delicious.

Anonymous said...

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