Saturday, March 26, 2005

i've been buying sticklings rice bread lately, from a health food store on bloor, west of spadina, it's right across from kinkos. i forget what the store is called.
it's not amazing bread, but it's decent and pretty convenient to get. it tastes ok toasted, as usual. i even eat it just with butter.
it also has no dairy in it.

my mother in law tried to serve me curry again that had flour in it.

i was a bad girl recently and shared a fondue with bread eaters. i've been suffering for two days. i won't be doing that again.

chocolate chips are my salvation!!!


Brian said...

I know that store. I have never heard of that bread, so I might check it out. Was it the usual price (in other words expensive)?

zebby said...

actually, it's just under 5 bucks (only...well, at least it's not 8!)
it's unsliced, which but it slices fairly easily so making sandwich slices works and it's nice to have the option of a big chunky slice as well.
might be worth finding out when they get the bread in, because for one, it goes quickly, and also, i have bought some loaves there that were really fresh, and quite lovely, and other times, they were a bit stale, but nothing terrible.

zebby said...

guh, that first line doesn't make sense.
forgive me,i'm tired.