Sunday, March 06, 2005

Off Topic: Gmail Invites

I have 50 Gmail invitations to give away. If you want one, leave a comment.


Anonymous said...

Yes, please, Brian! Have been reading tons about it but didn't know they were signing people up yet.

Got my latest Kinnikinnick order a couple of days ago. Tried their Sunflower Flax Rice Bread and it is really good; nice and soft. I also got some hamburger buns, which I haven't tried yet but which a friend told me are pretty good. I'd just been using bread for hamburgers, so I am excited to try them. Now, if only we could get some BBQ weather...

I am going for a pub night/dinner at the Duke of York this week. Has anyone been there? Is there anything safe to eat other than salads, or is it all deep-fried pub grub?


Brian said...

I have been to the Duke far too many times to count. Unfortunately, there is not much to eat. I used to rely on the grilled salmon. But, the last time I was there, they did not have it, so I was left with some sort of white fish that was fried in flour and that came with a risotto with barley. I managed to get an unbreaded one with something other than barley risotto. This may be your only choice, other than a salad. Fries and nachos are all contaminated in the deep fryer. They do have Strongbow Cider.

Anonymous said...

Yikes -- oh well; the cider sounds good! I was told this morning that the people who are sponsoring this have pre-ordered the food so it looks as though I will be stuck with the veggie platter. Veggies and cider... dinner of champions!