Sunday, June 05, 2005

food warnings. (*&^@*!&^#@)
i recently read a food warning on the site.
and i have been eating a product listed on there for months from the store across the street from where i work. ugh.

sometimes i think i have everything under control, and things are easy. basically just eat non preprepared foods and stay away from wheat. easy peasy. then stuff like this happens because i have to have some convenience, what with the whole capitalism/work/paycheck/busybusy structure and i can't grow nuts in my backyard.

i don't even understand what the purpose of wheat is in so many products. it seems like there should be some really great conspiracy theories about this. i have been trying to find some good ones, but everyone points me to the farming subsidies. i was hoping for something more bizarre but maybe i just havent' looked into it as deeply as i should.

i totally know i'm still ingesting IT- you know "THE SPICE" from places, (yeah, i never actually read Dune) i just haven't figured out all the sources.

i like that some of my friends are trying to accomodate me, like "hey can you eat chips" when they invite me over.
but i am thinking, why can't you just make something that i don't have to guess in advance without reading the label. like how about fruits and vegetables.
i don't like that some of my friends ask me to pick up some ace bakery bread to their parties, and they aren't joking. today i purposely brought second rate baguette so they won't ask me to bring it next time. i am a passive agressive gf activist. haha. or maybe that should be a passive aglutengressivist. ok i'll stop.


Brian said...

That's not good. Convenience is the thing that I miss most. In fact, when people ask me what food I miss most, I reply it's the convenience rather than the food.

If you also avoid dairy, like I do, you realize, sooner or later, that milk by-products are filler. I am not sure about wheat, but many food are a dumping ground for food remnants. Why is whey powder in so many things?

Dune is over-rated.

I think I'd refuse to buy bread. usually, I make sure I take something I know I can eat.

zebby said...

i've never noticed whey in things, but i never noticed wheat in things before either.

i once saw woody harrelson talking about how cow milk was disgusting because it's pus and blood. so if i couldn't drink milk (which for a long time i thought that was my primary problem - and drank goats milk until i was 7, and avoided dairy as much as possible growing up until recently)i would make that my mantra. knowing also that most cow's have mastitis (and having had 7 bouts of that over the years breastfeeding my kid, it's so gross and painful)woody has a good point.
are most sorbet's dairy free?
with this hot weather, i hope you get to eat something nice and frozen and yummy.

i was going to refuse to buy the bread, but then i thought, what if it was coffee and i wasn't drinking coffee, it wouldn't have been such a big deal. however i KNOW that i never would have been asked to bring peanuts if i had a peanut allergy.
so what irks me is the lack of understanding that it's not a lifestyle choice.

i keep flipping around on the convenience thing. some days i think it's not so bad, that i find lots to eat, that i'm lucky because i live in such a big city that has so many resources. then other days there seems to be nothing. i know alot of it is just trying to not let the things i can't eat be in the forefront.

i haven't found my replacement comfort food for when i'm sick at home. it was canned tomato soup. with 10 000 crackers in it. i love that crap. and the organic wheatless stuff tastes nothing like it.
man, i am complainy. it must be the heat.