Wednesday, June 08, 2005

i was at my studio today, i just moved into a new one on atlantic near king. and i discovered a 24 hr dominion, just off atlantic. they have alot of gluten free stuff there. i bought an amy's gf pizza. it's plain with cheese. i think they have one that has soya cheese too. (but i didn't actually check if it was gf too, since i can eat cheese)
i put it on our bbq tonight and topped it with other stuff, and then dumped olive oil and garlic and basil on it and it was pretty tasty. i believed it was pizza.

they also have kinnickinick stuff there. like 4 different breads, bagels, some overly sugary blueberry muffins, cookies.
they have a ton of other stuff too. i was impressed.
AND they have this neat new checkout for 1-12 items, where you scan the items yourself and it tells you to put the stuff into bags. it's really creepy and reeks of bad 1980's plots about machines taking over our jobs and the world. i almost asked the manager when i'd be getting my vacation pay cheque.


Brian said...

I have yet to encounter one of those self-checkouts at a grocery store. They are quite popular in libraries.

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