Tuesday, August 09, 2005

for some reason, the independant grocer in hunstville has a serious buttload of gluten free foods. there must be some very wealthy powerful cottager somewhere in the area. (i wish it was me!)
anyway, i tried an el peto blueberry pie, and it wasn't bad!! it wasn't flakey like normal pie, but it was still pie. and fullfilled a pie experience. i also tried their "hamburger buns". they use alot of potato starch in their stuff. i have to wonder how nutritious this crap is. i''m getting fatter and fatter. seriously, how much rice does it take to make a cup of rice flour. probably a whole lot!!! anyway, the "hamburger buns" are more like english muffins so if you've been missing english muffins, i can vouch for their validity in that regard, but not in the bun realm.
i also tried one of their multigrain breads, which had sunflower seeds and flax seeds in it, and it was very good toasted. it reminded me alot of the 12 grain bread i used to get. their white rice hot dog buns glow in the dark, but suffice if you are jonsing for a chien chaude. (you can see that i went a little crazy in hunstville)
so now i'm wondering if anyone has seen el peto products (other than what you can get at bulk barn - like the dried stuff) in toronto.
i shouldn't really be asking because i've sworn myself off carbs for a bit because of all the pies and tube steaks i've been eating. but i know that winter is comin....and pie i'll be a needing.