Monday, October 03, 2005


is Celiac Awareness Month. You already knew that, of course.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

There was a short announcement on Global's Wellness segment. It was actually really well done; brief, but accurate, and noted that CD affects 1:133 people. That's a higher number of folks than I'd thought -- when I was diagnosed 9 years ago it was thought to be 1:2500.

Anonymous said...

oops -- that last one was me (lynne)

zebby said...

i recently came to be the inheritor of many of my grandmothers cookbooks. a bunch of them are ye olde "allergy" cookboks, of which all the recipes do not contain any gluten or wheat. i asked my parents about it, they seemed to have no knowledge of her having problems with gluten. they said she used to eat "really strange" things and her diet was "terrible". (my parents are not big fans of health food stores, nor things made from rice - like rice crackers. ok i'm not a fan either, but i don't think it's terrible food to be eating.) now a bunch of other information that i have about her is making more and more sense.

i think it's something that alot of people might have figured out in the past using elimination diets. my grandmother likely did it before there was socialized medicine also. i think the emphasis on diagnosis through doctors using lab testing has probably also gone up since the tax rebate stuff was put into effect as well as an increase in the numbers of people seeking a definitive answer.

oh ya, i bought some presidents choice crunchy corn cereal. it says it's gluten free right on the package!!
tastes like cap'n if only they'd show the real ghostbusters cartoon, i'd be in bliss.

Anonymous said...

That makes sense, zebby. I guess the fact that people are more aware of what celiac disease actually is means that more people are being diagnosed. I just did not think the ratio was so high, since most people still don't seem to know what it is.

You actually reminded me of my own genetic "link" to CD -- my Mom's cousin had this "weird diet" where he had to eat only rice and bananas when he was a kid. Turned out to be celiac, although he didn't get the actual diagnosis until he was much older.

I'm just glad that knowledge about the condition has improved. Could you imagine only eating rice and bananas?! Ugh. I've also noticed a huge improvement in both the availability and the quality of GF food even in the relatively short time since I was diagnosed. Restaurants are also getting more aware, which will make my life a bit easier once I start work and have to take clients out for meals, etc. Right now I am usually too broke to eat out so it has not been much of an issue.


zebby said...

even in under one year, i have noticed stores that didn't have gluten free products before, have started stocking them. i used to joke around about how the neighbourhood store managers were probably sifting through my recycling to find out what my neighbourhood was eating.

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zebby said...

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