Tuesday, October 25, 2005

ok, so tonight, my 4 year old (almost 5) co-chef and i followed one of my grandma's recipes from her "allergy" book that i inherited to make some pizza, that boy oh boy, was really quite yum and super easy really, even though it involved yeast. we even adapted it because we didn't have enough rice flour so used some all purpose bobs red mill gf flour mix. so officially i haven't tried just the rice flour version. i'll try it and let people know if it's just as good. if anybody is dying for the recipe, lemme know.
it's the first recipe that i've tried from that book and i'm totally impressed. it was such an easy recipe and didn't require 234522 binders and gums and 345 flours and a bit of milk and a bit of potato. etc.

also, yesterday, the chef and i made some biscuits. they were OK. nothing fantastic. again, using bob's red mill biscuit mix. we added cinamon and sugar to a little finger hole we poked in the top and shoved some raisins in there as well.

i swear i don't work for bob. i tried some of the gf bread mix, that even includes the yeast packet. it was really good. it wasn't that good right out of the oven, but a couple of hours later, and the next day, it sliced up very nicely and toasted almost like wheat bread (only had to push it down once!! with the setting full blast of course) again, it didn't take that long and was worth the extra effort. plus the kid enjoyed making it.


Anonymous said...
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Brian said...
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Brian said...

Damn spam, be gone!

Pizza sounds cool. Know of any good cheese substitutes? You know, cheese that isn't cheese.

zebby said...

oh. i've never tried any, because i can eat cheese. i've seen a bunch of soy cheese things but have never even picked them up to read the labels or buy any. my grandma used to just go without cheese and do the sauce and everything - like a vegan pizza. (kind of not that exciting looking)
are you totally allergic? when i was a kid, i drank goats milk instead of regular milk, they didn't have lactaid then. anyway, turns out i'm not lactose intolerant anyway, it as always the wheat. but supposedly goat cheese is easier for people to digest. but maybe that sounds like " have you tried spelt?" to a celiac. have you tried much of the cheese that isn't cheese?

oh yeah, also, spam - like real spam - but still not the canned spam - is kind of a dying piece of internet culture with all the isp's banning & filtering so heavily. i never thought i'd see the day when i'd get sentimental about it. ha! ok i'm not.

zebby said...

here's the pizza crust recipe
i bet it would make a nice flatbread even baked by itself...

2 1/4 cups rice flour
1 packet dry yeast
1/4 teaspoon salt
1 egg
warm water
olive oil

beat the egg in bowl, add it to the dry stuff (mix the dry stuff up before you add it). add enough hot water (i probably had to use about 3/4 cup but add it a bit at a time) of warm water to make a stiff dough. olive oil a pan - sides included (i did two 8 inch pans) press the dough into the pan. oil the top, add some basil, whatever other spices you like. add the pizza sauce. add the cheese and toppings. let it rise while the oven preheats to 475, throw it in for 10 minutes, then turn it down to 400 then leave it in for another 10 or 15 minutes. voila! YUM.

Brian said...

I am lactose-intolerant, and I also feel that people should not be drinking the breast milk of hairy 2000 pound animals. It's for baby cows, just like rat's milk is for baby rats :-)

zebby said...

ya, i wonder what human cheese would taste like

Brian said...

I don't even want to think about it.

Anonymous said...

If you want really great pizza crust,check out Quejos available at sick kids food store. Il Fornello uses Quejos for their gluten free pizza. By the way Quejos is made in Vancouver and they have a website.
Happy dining.
Also--out of interest--Whole foods sells gf pizza crust that made me violently ill. As it turns out, after researching I found that Whole Foods products contain miniscule amounts of gluten and can affect people with a serious allergy such as myself. I will post the web address tomorrow where I got That info---

Anonymous said...

I'd be interested to see a recent, reliable source saying that WF's stuff isn't GF -- after all, they produce it in a dedicated GF bakery. In order for WF and other American companies to label anything GF, they have to meet tougher standards than do Canadian manufacturers. I'm quite sensitive and have never had trouble with any of their products (and I, like many, many others, eat them regularly.)

Obviously, if you react to something in WF's products don't eat them. Unless there is credible evidence out there about their non-GF status, however, I'm going to continue to enjoy them. To me, credible means scientific, word from the manufacturer, or a valid medical study. I know that makes me sound harsh, but I like "proof beyond a reasonable doubt" (occupational hazard).

That said, WF's pizza crusts weren't all that tasty. Very disappointing because other products I've tried have been excellent. Think I'll try zebby's recipe next time! Sounds good, easy, and I'll bet the yeast helps make it taste like a "real" pizza crust.

Quejo's cheesebuns are awesome (one of the things I miss most about Vancouver is buying the frozen dough to cook at home -- you can buy the frozen buns at sick kids, but not the dough). However, I have been disappointed with their pizza crusts because they get very soggy in the middle (I am basing this on my experiences at Il Fornello; never tried them at home). 6:35 -- do you have a way of cooking them so that they don't get soggy? I can see them being very good if they stay crisp.

Brian, I can't help with the fake cheese -- I quite enjoy nearly all types of the hairy-beast-breast-milk variety :-) Just as much as I enjoy eating a huge, bloody slab of said hairy beast every now and again.

Anonymous said...

RE:WHOLE FOODS--check out maelstrom.st.johns.edu/archives/celiac.html and go to wk 2 Oct 2005
follow the link to the FDA and check it out. Remember that just because something is baked in a designated gluten free facility, doesn't mean that all the sources providing ingredients test for gluten regularly. As you can see, this is potentially quite serious.

zebby said...

seriously, try my pizza recipe i posted. it kicks butt and is so easy! (if you like thin crust pizza)
the other day i made it with 1 cup glutinous rice flour, 1 cup regular rice flour, and 1/4 cup brown rice flour. just to see what happened. it was good!

i liked it way better than magic oven pizza. i liked it way better than amy's pizza. and it was so easy and took really hardly any time. and the best part was that it was pretty cheap. like, seriously cheapo.

i haven't tried the quejos stuff but probably will at some point. it annoys me to have to buy prepackaged stuff though.

lynne, the pizza crusts i've made were't soggy!!

brian, you're lucky you didn't have coffee at my house when i was on maternity leave. bwhaha!

Brian said...

brian, you're lucky you didn't have coffee at my house when i was on maternity leave. bwhaha!

You mean cause it would have had breast milk in it?

zebby said...

yep! totally off topic but
when my kid was only a few days old, he started to lactate. apparently the hormones that make the woman lactate are be passed through the milk and it's not uncommon for babies to lactate. when i saw it, my initial reaction was, OK! awesome! feed yourself then!!

i wonder if the lactose in human breastmilk is the same as in cow milk - or more digestible for hairy humans.

back on topic:
hey, did you know about this site: http://www.torontoceliac.org

i just found it by accident

Brian said...

I haven't seen that site yet, but I think I knew it was coming. I guess I need to add it to my links.

TwistedNoggin said...

I finally tried making pizza with the gf baking flour and was thrilled. I REALLY missed pizza. I miss oreos even more, though, and just found a recipe for it and posted it on my site (although I haven't tried it out yet).


Lorraine's Blog said...

So happy to have found a Toronto-based gf blot!

Twistednoggin: I would like the Oreos recipe and can't find it on your blog - the link is incomplete. Can you repost the link, please?