Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Rice Cakes

Maybe it's the result of an overload, but I am beginning to strongly believe that rice cakes are seriously misnamed. I'd be happy to take suggestions for new names and pass them on to the manufacturers. We should probably steer clear of such things as rice Styrofoam or dry tasteless slabs of congealed rice.


zebby said...

air inflated rice foam would work nicely. airf! airf!

i bought some bob's red mill bread mix the other day. it has the yeast package in it and you just add a few ingrediants, and i think you can substitute soya milk for milk. it ended up being pretty tasty. i mean, not like a baguette tasty, but it sliced ok after it cooled down, and i even made a grilled cheese with it. it had an ok texture to it also. have you tried it?
it made a HUGE loaf. so it was kind of worth the effort...

Brian said...

No, but I guess I should.