Wednesday, December 07, 2005

i went to whole foods the other day and found some food for life brown rice wraps. they were decent enough to give me the desired wrap experience, although nothing i would really get super excited about.

i also tried out some whole foods gluten free bread. they have a whole baked good section near the bakery that could probably eat up my whole paycheck.

anyway, staying away from the sweet stuff because i actually find that pretty easy to make myself, i picked up some sundried tomato bread and another one called prairie bread.
they weren't bad. they did have a strange taste to them which i can't indentify but seems to be less pronounced if you toast it - ALOT. the texture was decent. they both have dairy in them. i still like the sticklings stuff and the st lawrence market stuff best.

i ate at bar one on queen street near shaw after one of my openings recently. and the waitress although not super savvy about gluten, seemed to understand that it was important to talk to the chef about what he put in the food as well as she was the one who mentioned that gluten is not just in flour and then i went on a tirade about soya sauce. anyway, i had a steak. it was pretty yummy, except that i had a lumbar puncture earlier in the day and my post spinal tap headache that i didn't know was going to happen started to kick in. oh, sorry, tangent. anyway, most of the stuff was not really going to work for me but at least i wasn't stuck with the salad.

a recent candida dieter in the family has been a blessing in disguise. i am slowly gaining an alliance. muhahhaha


Pamela Brown said...

Hey Zebby, I followed the links from Camp Catchacoma to this blog.

I have to say I'd love to have coffee with you some day.

I am actually allergic to wheat and a few other grains too (spelt). I was diagnosed with Celiac when I was a kid but biopsies I had as an adult contradicted that diagnosis.

Recently I discovered "Breaking the Vicious Cycle" and Elaine Gottschall's specific carbohydrate diet. It has actually cured Autism! It's pretty severe but her theories about carbs make me wonder.

As species we've only eaten processed grains for a short time in our history...

today I was thinking about my ancestors and where they lived and what they ate (which ones? which continent?) and I wonder if our bodies suffer from a diconnection from hundreds of years of eating traditions rooted in the earth our foremothers and fathers lived on...

Christmas is a hard time for avoiding gluten but the upside is I don't eat a bunch of crap that's no good for me anyway.

Hope you have a good holy-day season. Personally, I like solstice the best!


zebby said...

hey pam!
nice to see you here also
it's like we're destined to hang out or something with camp, art, and gluten intolerance all in common!
incidently, my understanding of spelt is that it is just an ancient form of wheat - which celiacs must avoid, along with rye and kamut.

i have been trying also to eat foods that are in season, i think that eating strawberries year round probably isn't such a good thing, although i find it hard to resist strawberries.

the stuffed turkey is always a problem for leaking gluten particles, but rumour has it, my extended family is trying to be really careful about glutening everything. woo! there is also a vegan in the family, and a person who has diverticulosis so there's all sorts of diet things going on!

happy holidays!
i'll post my email in the other blog in a couple of days.

Amity Susan Kate (am su ka) said...

**As species we've only eaten processed grains for a short time in our history...**

There is a great book on this subject called Ancient Grains- a really fascinating read.