Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Il Fornello on Elm Street

The Il Fornello on Elm Street appears to be gone. Some other restaurant is there now, and I am not sure what kind of menu it has. The other Il Fornello locations are open.


zebby said...

that's a nightmare!!

ok i couldn't resist.

and for my tip of the day,
loblaws at christie and dupont has a huge health food section, including elpeto stuff.

zebby said...

oh c'mon. nightmare on elm street...

Anonymous said...

i just found your toronto celiac page... thank you so much for taking the time to put this together. althuogh i am not celiac i am gluten intolerant and struggling to find gluten free products and ingredients. this will be a reference i use constantly!!!!

Anonymous said...


I have no idea how to originate a post on your blog (and still can't log in), but there is some important news everyone should know: McDonald's is no longer claiming that their fries are gluten free. My father sent me this link: http://www.herald.ns.ca/search.html and I also read this story in one of those local dailies (but forget which one). The fries have been removed from the GF food list on their website.

I know that Micky D's fries have been a quick option for a lot of people.

Makes me wonder about NY Fries, which is my personal standby whenever I need something quick and there is nothing else around.

Also, WF has temporarily halted shipment of their GF stuff to Canada. While I agree with zebby about the bread, I really like their cakes and muffins so this is another blow. However, the problem is due to labelling; their GF bakery does not do French labels. Hopefully this will soon be resolved.

Combined with the Il Fornello news, this has not been a great few weeks for GF options :-(

And I also haven't dropped off the planet; exams, then holidays (N.S. is awesome for GF availability, BTW), then back to the grind of the final semester.


zebby said...

i'm in calgary right now doing a workshop & artist talk at ACAD - and i have to say that the availability for gf foods is amazing. i was really surprised. i thought i would be having to eat steak and potatoes and iceberg lettuce salads the whole time. don't get me wrong, there ARE alot of places here that do have that....but there are quite a few really understanding foodie places. i have not suffered at all while here - with products i've never tried, and lots that i recognize. as well, there are decent places to eat out. i went to one placed called le coup - amazing food and really affordable. it was a very delicious experience, and they were so conscious of food issues - it was a breeze to eat there and i didn't feel like a freak when asking about what was in stuff. i feel like it kind of put toronto to shame. (i'll be glad to go home soon though - i do love toronto)

Brian said...


If you can send me your current email address to gftoronto@gmail.com, I can either resend your password or start a new account for you.

zebby said...

nova scotia has good gluten free stuff? i'm surprised, although that's great to hear. i might end up there soon.

lynne said...

If you go, all of their Superstores seem to have a great selection of GF foods.

The NS Celiac Association seems to be pretty proactive and folks are aware of what gluten is, even in smaller towns (my parents live in a rural area on the coast, and even the Superstore in the nearest small town had a plentiful GF selection. Restaurants are also surprisingly knowledgeable.)