Monday, February 20, 2006

Some good product news...

First of all, according to the company, Bernard Callebaut chocolates are GF (everything but the chocolate-covered pretzels, which makes sense.) I got a selection of them from the husband for Valentine's day, and they are delicious. Their website is:
We went to the store in Oakville, but I think there is one downtown too.

Secondly, if you are looking for pre-made pasta dishes, I highly recommend the meals from "Eat Italian."
My favourite is the manicotti, and the stuffed pasta shells are pretty good. I can't speak to the ones with meat; I am a carnivore, but I do not eat ground beef.

The meals are frozen and take about 45 minutes to heat up in the oven. I get them at a Longo's store in Oakville; there is a Longo's in Toronto at Leslie and York Mills. They're expensive (I think I paid $9.99 for each entree) but really good and I find that I get two meals out of each entree -- very generous portions. Do not get them at Whole Foods, since they cost nearly double there!

I have no economic interest in either company, BTW, just really like chocolate and pasta!

Finally, on a completely unrelated note, McDonald's is being sued in the US for its nondisclosure of wheat and dairy ingredients in its fries:
And no, I am not even remotely interested in making the first case of my legal career a similar lawsuit in Canada. Just thought it was kind of funny how quickly this was launched following the company's announcement about the wheat last week.


Brian said...

Glad to see that you were able to post. I agree that the lawsuits came fast, really fast. Too bad I lost my receipt for the fries I bought a few years back.

zebby said...

mMmmmMMmM chocolate

lynne said...


Yummy, yummy chocolate... so far I like the dark chocolate/mocha filling the best, probably because the next best thing to chocolate is (IMHO) coffee.

Anonymous said...

yeah, french press coffee
i am an addict. when i was in calgary, the first thing i was asking my friend whose place i stayed at, was what kind of coffee maker he had. ha! unfortunately, he was a drip.
the weird thing was, in calgary, there was "gluten free" beans, besides beans that weren't marked gluten free. i wasn't sure WHY. seemed odd. it was at community foods, which is pretty wicked.

zebby said...

gah. that was me.

lynne said...

That is really weird. I have yet to hear of any coffee that isn't GF (except maybe that instant stuff -- which I will not touch, so I didn't look into it). Maybe just a marketing tactic of some sort? Or, maybe they make flavoured coffees that aren't GF?

Yes! Definitely the french press. I got a mini one for Christmas that I can take to my office when I start working this August. I have yet to find office coffee that is drinkable, and I want to be able to have coffee close at hand at all times.

Annaem said...

After eating their chocolates for a year i looked up the ingredients of each chocolate (assorted box) and found that one of the chocolates contains wheat syrup. I think its orange one. I can't remember which one now. Anyways i did let them know so that when people ask for gluten free chocolates they omit that one. I don't know if they have taken my advice or not but you may be interested in inquiring further about this. The downtown one is actually in Etobicoke. This is the one i spoke to.