Wednesday, March 15, 2006

April Issue of Canadian Living

The April 2006 issue of Canadian Living magazine has a couple of interesting items:

p. 39 There is a profile of Cuisinart's stainless steel convection bread maker that has been designed for making GF bread.

p. 129 Gluten-Free and Doing Fine
A primer on celiac disease, plus tasty gluten-free baking recipes.


bailey said...

Just to let everyone know - the Cuisinart breadmaker with the gluten free setting ROCKS!

We make the most unbelievable flaxseed banana bread and I just made pumpernickle bread and it's awesome!

Well worth the money!

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amsuka said...

I just got the cuisinart bread machine, and I totally agree- it is wonderful!
However, does anyone have a great recipe for a lighter/sandwich style bread or baguette?
I am trying a new recipe tomorrow...