Friday, August 11, 2006

Toronto Celiac

I just got an email back about Hero Burgers. There are a few locations opening up here and there. There burgers and hotdogs are gluten free!!! The hot dogs are big franks and I used to get them from Alda which unfortunately closed. Anyways, I haven't tried eating there yet because I am paranoid of the cross contamination that could happen. However they use dedicated tongs for each meat and buns are toasted not put on the same grill. But even with dedicated tongs I'm assuming that they touch the burger buns when they make the burgers....I guess you could explain you need new tongs for your burger..... I don't want to harass them with a million questions but if you want more information you can contact which is from the Hero Burger website.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

I really wanted to join so that i could share my info. I am constantly researching about GF restaurants and food. I feel that the more we inquire, the more we spread information and the easier it is for us in return.

I just wanted to contribute some information about Gluten free dining. Villa and Strada restaurant on Bloor Street in the west end also has a gluten free menu. It used to be Il Fornello's and it changed its name. They also have a chocolate mouse gluten free dessert thats incredible. I've been going there for a while now.

Another restaurant is Bar Mercurios on Bloor Street (close to St. George). They have gluten free pastas and pizza on their menu. I do not know if they use new colanders or pizza pans for the gf food. So I guess there's always the risk of cross contamination.

Someone also mention Bernard Callebaut chocolates. Although they claim all their chocolates to be gluten free -be aware that one of their cholates has wheat syrup. I did let them know about this but I am not sure what changes they have made. If you go their website you can scroll through the ingredients of all the chocolates just to double check.