Thursday, August 10, 2006

I really wanted to join so that i could share my info. I am constantly researching about GF restaurants and food. I feel that the more we inquire, the more we spread information and the easier it is for us in return.

I just wanted to contribute some information about Gluten free dining. Villa and Strada restaurant on Bloor Street in the west end also has a gluten free menu. It used to be Il Fornello's and it changed its name. They also have a chocolate mouse gluten free dessert thats incredible. I've been going there for a while now.

Another restaurant is Bar Mercurios on Bloor Street (close to St. George). They have gluten free pastas and pizza on their menu. I do not know if they use new colanders or pizza pans for the gf food. So I guess there's always the risk of cross contamination.

Someone also mention Bernard Callebaut chocolates. Although they claim all their chocolates to be gluten free -be aware that one of their cholates has wheat syrup. I did let them know about this but I am not sure what changes they have made. If you go their website you can scroll through the ingredients of all the chocolates just to double check.



Brian said...

I had no idea that Bar Mercurios had GF options. Thaks for letting us know.

Brian said...

Oh, and welcome to the blog. I have been lazy and haven't posted much in a while.