Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Biryani House, 25 Wellesley Street East, Toronto, Ontario, M4Y 2S9, 416-927-9340

Now Magazine (referring to the former location at 6 Roy's Square moved to Hayden Street) says: "this hole in the wall has morphed into an almost classy boite dishing up some of the best Indian food south of the 401...and it's still dirt cheap." Biryani House has opened a new location just off Yonge Street, at Wellesley. The food is really excellent, and I have been able to confirm ingredients with no trouble. In my experience, none of the curries contain any wheat. As usual, please ask.

The last time I was there, the only thing off-limits was the naan.

The former location @ 6 Roy's Square (the restaurant has relocated to Hayden Street, but I do not know the address) seems to retain the same name, but, as Julie tells me, it is no longer owned by Debu Saha. Some people I work with refer to that location as the "Ghetto Biryani."
I am not sure if the food is OK or not. If you know, please let me know.

Update (April 30, 2008): I have heard that Debu Saha has sold the Biryani House on Wellesley, but it still seems to operate under the same name.


Julie Giles said...

Just a quick correction. The location at 6 Roy's Square is no longer owned and operated by Debu Saha, the original chef/owner. He closed the location and moved to 25 Wellesley Street.

Brian said...

Thanks for the comment. I'll change the entry to reflect that.