Monday, February 12, 2007

Fresh by Juice for Life

Fresh is a completely vegetarian juice bar with food counter. Milk and cheese products are clearly labeled, and the menu promises no hidden milk ingredients in any dishes.

Unfortunately, most dishes--even Rice Bowls--contain wheat products (usually tamari or soy sauce). You can find a few gluten-free items, especially salads, but the choices are slim. There is usually only one rice bowl I can eat. The vast array of juices and shakes, however, may make Juice for Life useful.

326 Bloor Street West
phone: 416-531-2635
fax: 416-915-0193

894 Queen Street West
phone: 416-913-2720
fax: 416-533-6568

147 Spadina Avenue
phone: 416-599-4442
fax: 416-599-4443

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I'm gluten-dairy-soy free and love Fresh for life. They have a "secret" ingredient list that they can bring out for you to review, and if it's only the soy/tamari in the recipe, you can ask them to leave it out or substitute something else. The salads are excellent.