Monday, February 19, 2007

Omi Japanese Restaurant, 451 Church Street, Toronto, M4Y 2C5, 416.920.8991

I received an email from Michael who suggested Omi. He says "Not only does chef John Lee serve up some really first-rate fresh, creative sushi, but he also keeps a bottle of Tamari on hand - the only sushi bar in town that I've tried that does."

Sounds promising. I may have to check this out.

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vegetablej said...

You have to be careful with tamari. When I lived in Japan a lot of the "tamari" I found contained wheat. Tamari was used on the bottle more as a descripton of the style of sauce rather than being a description of the true wheat-free tamari, which I hear is rarer these days.

If you want sushi, my suggestion is to go to any good sushi bar and sit where you can see how the sushi is prepared. Most sushi has no wheat\gluten in it. If you take your own bottle of gluten-free soy sauce, you have a great chance of being okay.

In Japanese wheat is komugi, rye is raimugi, and barley is oomugi. If you want a look at the kanji you can see my table here (look at the end of the second column).