Thursday, April 19, 2007

Hands down the best gluten free pizza in Toronto.

Big Momma's Boy is located in Cabbagetown (Wellesley and Parliament) 554 Parliament Street.
I've tried pizza from Magic Oven and Il Fornello and hands down I have to award Big Momma's Boy the first prize for best gluten free pizza in the city.

It's a thin crust. I don't know what they put in it but it melts in your mouth, it's very savoury and delicious. They also have a huge range of specialty pizzas and loads of gourmet toppings, alot of them are organic from a local farm.

My sister (who's a celiac) and I (a gluten intolerant/lactose intolerant) were really impressed with the option of being able to have your pizza gluten and lactose free. I think the big thing for us was this didn't taste like your typical gluten free baked tasted like a regular thin crust pizza.

They also have alot of other gluten free meals on their menu.

Having those gluten free options combined with the cozy homey atmosphere, I highly recommend this fact, I would highly recommend this place for the pizza alone.

Big Momma's Boy
554 Parliament St.
416 927 7777


Teresa said...

mmm sounds good! do they deliver?

Anonymous said...

It would be great to try this. Do you know what intersection is close to Big Mamma's Boy. Parliament and what? Thank Lyn

Anonymous said...