Saturday, April 21, 2007

Hibiscus, 238 Augusta Street (in Kensington Market), 416- 364-6183

Jennifer sent me a message about Hibiscus:

"The entire menu--soups, salads, rice baguette, crepes, cookies and cupcakes-- is gluten-free and vegetarian-- and many items were also vegan. I ordered their wonderful lunch special which had a selection of all 7 of their salads, a soup of the day and rice bread. Everything there was fresh and delicious! I can't recommend this cafe enough! I hope that other celiacs in Toronto love it too!"

This is entirely new to me, so thanks for the suggestion.

Here's a link to Now Magazine's review of Hibiscus:


Anonymous said...

oh this is great! i'm totally going to check out this place.


amsuka said...

Thanks for the tip!
I will heading over as soon as I can- reading the review from the link had my mouth watering!!

amsuka said...

Wonderful! Had a thoroughly satisfying meal there the other day. Had the lunch special, a combo of 6 salads, and a mug of soup, then my friend and I shared a lemon& icing sugar crepe for dessert- so full I couldn't finish! They also have a selection of GF cookies to eat there or take away. Will definitely return.