Sunday, May 06, 2007

The Burger Shoppe, 688 Queen St E, 416-850-7026

Unlike every other burger place out there, The Burger Shoppe knows what it's doing. (Keep in mind I am completely biased : ). The Classic Beef Burger, Shoppe Burger, Cheese Burger, Organic Beef and Chick(en) Burger are all just meat. No fillers, no coatings, only some kosher salt and black pepper. To make it even better, they offer a gluten free hamburger bun, that is always available and oh so yummy! The fries are cut in house and are definitely worth it. The milkshakes, Chocolate, Strawberry, and Vanilla Bean are made with ice cream from Ed's Real Scoop in the Beaches and I have had the honour of reading the actually recipes for said ice cream to ensure that they are gluten free. It's the best ice cream ever! The only things that aren't gluten free are the Veggie Burger (which could change), the gravy, onion rings and brownies. The staff all know at least a little about gluten free, and are quite happy to accommodate you. Also, ask the staff if there is any gluten free goodies around -there just might be : ).

This review is from the first nine days after The Burger Shoppe opened:

P.S The kinks have since been worked out.

Hope to see you there!


Anonymous said...

If the onion rings aren't GF, are the fries? They use separate oil, but not a GF batter for the onion rings?

I'd adore a place to get a GF veggie burger (keeping fingers crossed for the future...) and onion rings - making them at home stinks the house up!

Brian said...

This sounds really amazing.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to know if they grill the veggie burgers on a separate grill and if they grill their bread buns on the grill as well. Im just nervous about cross contamination. Does anyone know the answer to this? Do they have an email i can write to them personally? Also are the fries in a dedicated fryer. I sure hope so. This place sounds great!

Jaclyn said...

Sorry, we don't do the onion rings in house; and they are not gluten free. Neither is the gravy for that matter.At the moment the fries are not done in a dedicated fryer because of the cooking method. However, ask when the oil was changed, because the fries are definitley safe if the oil was changed that day.

'The Healthy Butcher' carries a g-f veegie burger in their frozen section; it's either "Ruth's" or "Amy's" brand.

Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions in regards to "The Burger Shoppe" or "Victory Mansions Gluten Free Bakehouse".

Graham said...

Hey I just wanted to say that I tried the burger shop and it was quite decent. The gf hamburger bun is a let down because its so crumbly but thats the norm rather than the exception with gf breads. Overall though it was a decent burger and I'll be going again.

amsuka said...

Just a warning to everyone looking for the "always available" gluten free bun. I was going to head over there the other day, and thought I would just give a quick call to see if they had the GF buns on hand, and was informed that the employee who had been the one making them, was no longer working there, and they NO LONGER HAVE GF BUNS!!
However, I am trying to contact the owners (my neighbors) to advise them that there is a definite need and desire out there, and implore them to consider finding a bun supplier!