Sunday, May 06, 2007

Le Cafe Vert, 946 Queen St E, 416-778-1313

I've gone past this place a hundred times, if once, and I keep meaning to stop in. They offer gluten free of course, as well as vegan and vegetarian. They bill themselves as an 'Eco-bistro' and opened to rave reviews in fall 2005. I don't know if that's the case any more, as the Chef has since moved on and opened New World Organics, a bakery at Main and Gerrard (they have two gluten free items, and please ask for more). At any rate, Le Cafe Vert is worth checking out, on the sole premise it's one more place for Celiacs to eat at. : )


Anonymous said...

I felt compelled to write in regards to Le Cafe Vert. My sister has Celiac & when she heard of this place she was excited as eating out is difficult for her. She ordered the classic breakfast & the Server brought it out with regular toast. She explained that she couldn't have wheat, the plate was taken to the kitchen & brought back without the toast. They had no concept of cross contamination & unfortunately she was to polite to complain.


amsuka said...

My husband and I had dinner at Le Cafe Vert, and had a delicious ( and safe) meal. The crab cakes, quesadilla, and sweet potato "fingerlings" are all recommended!