Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I am disappointed to formally announce that The Burger Shoppe and I have parted ways. As a result the gluten free hamburgers buns (which I had planned to relaunch in October after I finish moving house) will not be available there. Also, I can no longer insure that any of their burgers will be safe for Celiac consumption.

On a happier note, I am joining my chef husband at Le Cafe Vert where I will be able to offer more gluten free goodies than at The Burger Shoppe (and not have to find time at home to make them).

I look forward to seeing you all at Le Cafe Vert : )

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Soul Food, 584 Lansdowne St., Toronto, ON, M6H 3Y6, t: 647 438 9730

I recently dined at Soul Food on
Lansdowne Street just north of Bloor. Our sever (I think the co-owner) was aware of gluten and was able to let me know which dishes were OK. There was a good choice of GF food. The good news is that the jerk chicken is free of soy sauce. Most other Caribbean places seem to use soy sauce in their jerk chicken dishes.

The menu is described as
St Lucian-flavoured Caribbean foods. The food was delicious and very filling. There was a steady flow of customers, many of whom appeared to be regulars. I would recommend this place and i will definitely return.