Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I am disappointed to formally announce that The Burger Shoppe and I have parted ways. As a result the gluten free hamburgers buns (which I had planned to relaunch in October after I finish moving house) will not be available there. Also, I can no longer insure that any of their burgers will be safe for Celiac consumption.

On a happier note, I am joining my chef husband at Le Cafe Vert where I will be able to offer more gluten free goodies than at The Burger Shoppe (and not have to find time at home to make them).

I look forward to seeing you all at Le Cafe Vert : )


jessicaxo said...

Hm, I was just going to post about this - went there on the weekend and 2 of 3 staff didn't know what gluten was. The one guy mentioned that they used to have the buns but didn't any more, so I just ordered the burger (no bun) after asking the standard probing questions about how it is made (no crumbs, flour, worcestershire sauce etc.).

I'm still not completely confident their burgers are GF since I have felt a little off this week, however I did have the fries which were done in the same oil as my BF's battered onion rings so it could be that.

I'm sorry to hear that you are no longer with them Jaclyn, however we go to Cafe Vert regularly for brunch so that is good news. Maybe you can work on them to carry gluten free sausage? Their GF waffle comes with a side of sausage but they don't have any GF sausage options (figure that one out) so I usually get the sweet potato fingerlings.

Jaclyn said...

My husband and I are working on that and lots of other things. I know The Healthy Butcher has them, but their infernally expensive $9 for four (albeit large) sausages. If you know of any that are g-f, please let me know.

amsuka said...

Hi Jaclyn,

There is a wonderful sausage place in St Lawrence Mkt- and they use no fillers of any kind, and I have been assured there is no gluten! The people don't have much of a bedside manner, but boy, the sausages are amazing (and varied)!

I am looking forward to dropping by Le Cafe Vert very soon - it is great to have such a raised celiac-consciousness in one's own neighborhood!!

amsuka said...

(OOPS- I guess I should tell you where the place is!)
It is on the Northwest corner, and I think sausages is all they do- specialty is usually a good sign!

Anonymous said...

There is a sausage place in the southeast corner of the north St. lawrence market only on Saturday and they have fabulous gluten free sausages - particularly the herb and garlic.