Monday, December 17, 2007

Hi everyone,
I'm newly diagnosed with CD and am having some real ups and downs - both emotionally and as I figure out what I can eat and more importantly - what I can't.

I just want to feel good and normal again! Can someone please tell me if that will happen? I feel so trapped and isolated - even though I am very lucky to have a loving family and supportive husband (and two small children).

Help! Please!


Anonymous said...

Hang in there, Candace. It gets much easier being GF after a few months. Moreover, you'll find you feel a lot better!

You might want to have your husband babysit so that you can attend a few Canadian Celiac Association chapter meetings. I found that they helped to reduce the sense of isolation in the first few months I was on the diet.


Anonymous said...

I agree with the peer support. Once your gut heals (I would recommend a few weeks of flax meal added to your GF cereal and some probiotics). But my recommendation it to find a GF all purpose mix and make some chocolate chip cookies and you'll find the world is okay. It takes 3mo - 6 mo to physically heal I think and the emotional change is a little longer. Try to get your husband to be your advocate during the holidays so that all the relatives try to get onside with all the food. It is much easier that you think. We have GF shortbread, GF stuffing, GF plum pudding.

Anonymous said...

Yes, you'll feel great once you are on a gluten free diet for a while. It's not as hard as you think.

Avoid eating out for a while, and eat as little processed food as possible, it usually has wheat in the form of modified food starch, vinegar, or soy sauce. You're going to have to start reading labels religiously, wheat can be in ketchup, pie filling, all kinds of stuff, and look for whether the food is made on machines where wheat is used, because cross contamination can happen. There can also be hidden gluten in blue cheese and ricotta, so we make our own ricotta for lasagna, and we eat feta a lot.

I'm not a celiac, but my partner is, and I eat gluten free most of the time too.

There are so many more products out there than there used to be, even gluten free beer now (! Try or a health food store to see what's they have. Just keep buying gluten free products until you find the ones you like, but most are quite good.

Kinkinnick bread is really good, and Tinkyada pasta has the same consistency as regular pasta. Pamela's has good cookies, and Glutino and Glutano are great brands.

Start reading too, and plan your vacations accordingly - lots of gluten free restaurants in NYC. Good luck, Tracy

casabiorganicsglutenfree said...

Hi Candance,

Hang in there! We have a delicious GF food for you

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Anonymous said...

When I was diagnosed with Celiac while in the U.S., I received some great advice. I would recommend that you pick up a bag of the Gluten Free Pantry's Chocolate Truffle Brownie mix, and mix up a batch of brownies while you dig in to some reading and research on the diet. You may need to order these brownies online from somewhere like or something, but they are WORTH IT, some of my non-GF friends prefer these to "regular" brownies.

I found it helpful to reframe diagnosis a bit. While the diet can be isolating, the good news is that you have a diagnosis that does not require any medication to control it, you just have to control your diet. I found it helpful to work with a Dietician to balance my diet.
Good luck - it will get easier!