Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Le Cafe Vert -there is no longer neither my husband or myself there to monitor possible cross-contamination issues. So we can no longer say one way or another about the safety of the gf food.


Jason said...

I am hoping you can help me with some "g-f" (as I have read it on the internet) products.

My friend has been recently diagnosed with Celiac Disease and I would like to bake her some g-f cookies when I see her next week.

I need to get white rice flour and tapioca flour but don't really know much about them. Do I need to watch for certain makes? Can you tell me where I might find these? General bulk stores?

Anything you could do to help me would be greatly appreciated. I really want to make her something good!

you can contact me at the following email minus the symbols...


Thanks in advance,

amsuka said...

Hi Jason,
I read your query and thought I might help.
If you live near chinatown, that is an excellent place to get both those flours, or the "international/ health food" section at your grocery store. And yes, bulk places may have the flours but most cannot protect against cross-contamination 100% . If your friend likes peanut butter, there are many great flourless recipes out there, also. Go to allrecipes.com- it is a great source. PS you're a nice friend to make her cookies!!

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