Sunday, January 27, 2008

If ever in the Prince Edward County area (near Picton), there is an amazing bakery/market/restaurant called Schroeder's at the corner of hwy 61 and county road 1. They have freezers full of g-f goodies, including my favourites - donut holes, butter tarts, and fruit pies. They also make great hamburger/sandwich buns. If you're a pickle lover, they have g-f pickles, relishes and other similar things. There are also g-f sausages made by a local mennonite (I think) farmer which are very good. All of the baking is done by the owner, and although they also make non-g-f baked goods, one or two days a week are set aside when they only make g-f goods. I've been going there for years and have never had an adverse reaction, so I don't think cross-contamination is a concern. Unfortunately, they do not take orders and ship their products, so you have to shop in person in their little spot in the middle of the countryside.