Thursday, March 13, 2008

Anyone know where I can get gluten-free grits?

From what I know you can't even buy grits in Canada (my girlfriend introduced them to me, and surprise surprise I like 'em). When we go to the states we usually pick some up, but I checked on a few websites and it looks like their grits aren't safe. Anyone have any ideas? I checked Bob's Red Mill but they only have millet grits which I've tried, and they just weren't the same.


Orla Hegarty said...

Karma food coop carries organic corn grits and organic buckwheat grits.

I have two recipes using buckwheat grits: pancakes and stuffing for chicken ;)

EM said...

I also found that Bob's red mill has some corn polenta/grits... the texture is more chunky and grit-like, it's not really polenta. I tried making cheese grits with them this weekend, and the were FABULOUS. I picked up my grits at Per Se on Queen West, but I also saw them at Fiesta Farms this weekend.