Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Silver Spoon, 390 Roncesvalles Avenue, Toronto, 416-516-8112,

Several weeks ago, I enjoyed an amazing meal at the Silver Spoon on Roncesvalles Ave. Much of the menu appears to be naturally gluten-free, but the best part was that the entire staff was aware of gluten. After speaking with the maƮtre d', the very-knowledgeable waiter gave me specific recommendations, and there were plenty of options.

I opted for the La Ferme Oven Roasted Cornish Hen with Braised Lentils, Wild Boar Bacon, vegetable veloute, and red wine/beet reduction for $23 with a glass of '04 Australian Shiraz.

If you are heading out for an evening of fine dining, I highly recommend Silver Spoon.

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I was diagnosed in October '07 with a biopsy. I went GF right after. From my research I believe I have "atypical Celiac", which I believe started after I was sick with mono in late 1989. (there is a great presentation on youtube, search: Celiac).

Maybe 5 weeks ago I noticed sharp, painful- tingling "electric" shocks in my feet. These pains last more than 15 seconds and I can have 5-6 or these tremors in a row. Yesterday I had 6-7 episodes throughout the day, the worst being at night. (I have had numbness since i had my first child in Oct 2007, and after his birth I could not walk properly due to pain in my legs and feet for about 4 months.) I also now have these pains in my hands.

I also found that my left arm is numb in the morning ( I have to move it with right hand sometimes). Today the pains are on my left side.

(I am also expecting my second child in October.)

Has anyone else experienced this? Has is been diagnosed and if so, how was it diagnosed? Does anyone know why I might be experiencing this now since I have been GF for months? Does anyone have a good GI DR (or healthcare professional) they could suggest who knows Celiac?

Best Lisa B

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I had the greatest experience this weekend. Checked out The Sweet Potato, which is newly opened in the junction. They have a lot of really great food, but most importantly, they have a rack of FRESH BAKED GF COOKIES that actually taste GREAT. I tried the chocolate chip, chocolate cookies, and pecan bars. The chocolate/nut ones are my favourite. The address is: 2995 Dundas Street WestToronto, ON M6P 1Z4 (416) 762-4848‎.
UPDATE: I went back and they've removed the gluten free bakery shelf. There are still lots of good GF products (including food for life rice wraps for $3.29), but no cookies :-(

Also, if anyone hasn't already tried the Gluten Free Pantry Chocolate Truffle brownie mix, it's a must. My non-GF friends actually liked these brownies BETTER than ghiradelli's or other "regular" brownies. The texture is amazing. Anyways, you can get the brownie mix for $3.99 at Fiesta Farms. Happy snacking!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Gluten Free Goes Mainstream

The Toronto Star Living Reporter, Barbara Turnbull, wrote a feature story this week in the Toronto Star on celiacs and gluten free foods. Link:

The article mentioned the Montmartre bakery in Scarborough (105 Midwest Road 416-757-7771) where they bake bread, buns (those Gladstone Hotel buns) and pizza dough one day a week. (Maybe they can do a baguette?)

The Specialty Food Store at Sick Kids hosted a Gluten Free cooking class this morning at the Loblaws at Queen's Quay which I attended. The presenters were Heather Butt & Donna Washburn who are both Canadian cookbook authors (The Complete Gluten-Free Cookbook). They made a variety of GF items including carrot cake, chocolate chocolate-chip muffins, quinoa pilaf, flaxseed cookies and an ancient grain bread. All were absolutely delicious and didn't have any of that weird GF taste that so many commercial products have. I am now inspired again to bake more bread using their nutritious flours instead of the more convenient rice flour concoctions. If I hear of another GF cooking event, I will post it on this blog. Now, I had better go dust off that breadmaker.....and get out my GF chemistry set.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Detective Work

Have a history with a gluten free baguette that I hope someone can shed some light on.
Use to buy Gluten Free baguettes (small only 10 inches long from a place called power Foods in Kensington market for 60 cents, later raised to 75 cents (no I am not kidding). Owner of power foods said it was a french woman who made them for him. They were awesome, not quite ace bakery but the best damn gluten free bread I have ever tasted by a long shot. And they were baguettes to boot. I bought dozens of these the Power Foods (probably due to the cheap prices) went out of business and that was the end of the baguettes. I wanted to hire (seriously) a detective to find this woman. Alas no luck.

1 1/2 years later the same baguettes popped up at the Big carrot, instant joy and weekly drives to the carrot to buy the... darkness. The Carrot discontinued them, no not because they were not selling (even for 1.69) but because of an idiotic policy that had them demanding the maker to list if ingredients were genetically modified. Apaerntly she did not like getting harrassed and would not comply.

My view is if it is GM or even unknown if it is GM put that info on the bin and let me decide.
I explained to the carrot that this product was the most difficult thing to find and make in their entire store and that a warning was sufficient but no luck.

Bottom line, does anybody have anymore info on this person or have the baguettes popped up somewhere else?????? I have asked fore contact info but Carrot would not provide??

Monday, April 14, 2008

GF menu at Riz Restaurant
Imagine my surprise when I went to one of my favourite Pan-Asian/Thai restaurants - Riz on Bayview - and they had a HUGE gluten-free menu right on the table!!! I was so excited! Everyone needs to go there to show support for developing a GF menu ... and the bonus is: the food is yummy!!

Riz Pan-Asian Restaurant
1677 Bayview Avenue