Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I was diagnosed in October '07 with a biopsy. I went GF right after. From my research I believe I have "atypical Celiac", which I believe started after I was sick with mono in late 1989. (there is a great presentation on youtube, search: Celiac).

Maybe 5 weeks ago I noticed sharp, painful- tingling "electric" shocks in my feet. These pains last more than 15 seconds and I can have 5-6 or these tremors in a row. Yesterday I had 6-7 episodes throughout the day, the worst being at night. (I have had numbness since i had my first child in Oct 2007, and after his birth I could not walk properly due to pain in my legs and feet for about 4 months.) I also now have these pains in my hands.

I also found that my left arm is numb in the morning ( I have to move it with right hand sometimes). Today the pains are on my left side.

(I am also expecting my second child in October.)

Has anyone else experienced this? Has is been diagnosed and if so, how was it diagnosed? Does anyone know why I might be experiencing this now since I have been GF for months? Does anyone have a good GI DR (or healthcare professional) they could suggest who knows Celiac?

Best Lisa B


Shauna McCabe said...

Those symptoms are almost the same ones I had when my celiac started. Numbness and tingling down my left side, into my face and down my leg into my feet. They would come and go for no apparent reason: the last 'episode' began when I reached out to turn on the shower and experienced an 'electric shock' so horrible that I fell over. My legs also ached so badly they kept me awake at night.

I haven't had any severe symptoms since going gluten-free, but I do know that my left arm will start to tingle if I get stressed. My severe episodes occurred while trying to finish my Master's thesis -- severe, severe stress! Now its just tingling in my hand when I'm stressed.

I started seeing a neurologist 2 years ago and even though I've had 3 MRIs, very, very expensive blood tests not covered by OHIP, electrocardiograms, cat scans heart monitoring devices, etc. etc. etc. she can't find anything wrong with me. Still, my neurologist isn't convinced that these symptoms are gluten-related and is still sending me for crazy outrageous tests. I'm still going for the tests just in case, but I'm pretty convinced that they are a waste of my time because they are celiac related. I do think that your symptoms are also celiac related. But please, on the off chance that it isn't pregnancy related stress/changes setting off the atypical symptoms get things checked out -- I'm not a medical professional so please don't use this opinion as a diagnosis.

Be well!

suzan said...

That's interesting. I've had two bouts of the tingling - I would describe it as my arms being asleep. Both were prediagnosis - when I had been so sick that I had to be hospitalized for rehydration - in the recovery phase, after while regaining - at the time, I had a very logical explanation that I made up :) - but now I can't really remember. They would come and go for about two months after that. Once I was healthy, I never had it again.

Anonymous said...

Every time I get glutened, I have tingling and electric shocks in my feet!!

Erica said...

I have had numbness in my right foot since the weekend, and I did accidently have gluten at a restaurant. Interesting I had never heard of this symptom.

lisaab said...

Thanks for you all of your comments. I have not heard back from my GP, and my GI just looked baffled when I mentioned it.

If I find out anything I'll be sure to share.

I am still experiencing these unconfortable twinges.

I did have 2 CC experiences in April which might be contributing to the problem.

best Lisa B

Anonymous said...

Could it be a B12 deficiency? This can cause nerve problems and can happen with digestive problems.

dorie said...

Do you get any swelling with your tingling? I sometimes get puffy hands and feet before I get tingly, but nothing as severe as you mention. This is usually pretty soon after I eat something bad. It tends to clear up with lots of water and proper eating. Have you been able to come up with a diagnosis since this post?

Anonymous said...

I started having feet and then leg spasms for over a year, and yes same surprised look from all the doctors! I had my child 20 years ago, and then I remembered sciatica. Yes, and all that back labour.
Check your posture, check your back. Esp. if this occurs when you sleep. It's all linked to your spine probably. Why the doctor's can't figure it out is beyond me. I take anti-inflamatory & pain meds only when needed. and careful not to sit or stand twisted.