Sunday, May 04, 2008

Went to Naturally Yours (First Canadian Place Food Court) last week and enjoyed a gluten free mexican lasagna (excellent!) This establishment regularly offers GF entrees and stocks GF baked goods as well as being a health food store. Give them a try if you work in the downtown core. See for their weekly menu - not all offerings are gluten free, but they label them at their take-out counter.

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Anonymous said...

Be careful at this store; the servers are usually, but not always, aware of cross contamination issues and the gf entrees are often next to non-gf dishes. In addition, the baked goods that they have in stock often are past their "best before" date and very dry. I pointed this out to the owner once, and while he refunded my money, when I mentioned that he might want to remove all of the other products past their due date (everything in the one basket), he just shrugged. A good place to go in a pinch, but not a place I'd frequent.

The salad bar at the Kitchen Table is my quick lunch of choice in FCP, although the odd time I will go to the upstairs food court and get Swiss Chalet or a salad at the Greek place.