Friday, June 06, 2008

GF soup to go-
For anyone that works near the eaton's centre downtown, at University and Dundas (south east side close to Wimpy's) there is a small sushi place called Sushi and Salad- Fresh To Go that serves gluten free soup (asparagus, carrot and ginger, and mushroom are a few i've had). The sushi selection isn't that great but they have a well equipped salad bar. The place is just for take out though since there are only 3 or 4 seats in the place. It's great for those days where you just dont feel life bringing your lunch and don't want New York fries from the food court

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Anonymous said...

Just near there is the Biryani House which looks a bit dumpy but the food is really good and GF. They'll offer you Naan which of course you can't have but it is really cheap.