Monday, June 09, 2008

Hello all.

I am a newly diagnosed celiac and am thrilled to have found this blog. I have already found such useful information here.

I was hoping folks could help me out with this question: Does anyone know of a particular pharmacy in Toronto where the pharmacist knows about celiac disease? I am aware that some medications can contain gluten, and yet the pharmacists I have spoken to so far, do not seem to know how to help me figure out whether or not a particular medication contains gluten.

Any suggestions or ideas would be appreciated!



Mrs. Hardaker said...

Re: Gluten in medications

I work for a pharmaceutical company in the Allergan/Adverse Reactions side of things and the only way for you to find out if your medications contain gluten is to contact the manufacturer directly.

That information is not included in the information given with the meds. Not because they don't want you to have the information but because any gluten in the ingredients is usually found in the non-medicinal ingredients.

Companies try to provide as much information as possible but in order to be 100% safe, people with allergies should contact the manufacturer directly to get the most current and up-to-date allergan information.

That being said, manufacturers try really hard to keep gluten out of their products because we are aware that more and more people are being diagnosed with sensitivities.

Good luck!

lisaab said...

Hi I just let them know and then they call the manufacturer, somethimes it is listed in the CPA already, so they don't have to call.

I usually give them a day to process my prescription, but I have never had a problem; either at small or large Pharmacies.

best Lisa

Anonymous said...

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