Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Howzit all?

I hope you're all well!

Does anyone know of any place that delivers gluten free food (& I'm vegitarian too)? My office orders dinner weekly and I am the one with the allergy so I have to pick the place. Oh the office I am currently freelancing in is in the King/Sherbourne area of Toronto.

I wouldn't really call it catering as there are usually around 10-14 of us when we order.

Thanks in advance!

Creative nomad


EM said...

A couple of suggestions:
1. Swiss Chalet - has some GF options, and should deliver to you.

2. Magic Oven Pizza - delivery depends on where you're located - you may have to fish around their website to see who will deliver to you. Has many delicious options!!!

Those are my favourites!

amsuka said...

check out this website:
There are a LOT of GF restaurant reviews.
( and if you order pizza pizza, make sure you ask for GF pepperoni, which i believe is the new york style...)