Friday, July 18, 2008

Hi, me again, the celiac newbie.. I wrote to Webbers Naturals, who makes my Calcium with Vit. D supplement and this is the reply I got.. would you trust this and continue taking the supplement?


Thank you for your question. This supplement is made in our factory where gluten is used. However, we feel that the chance of cross-contamination is remote since we strictly follow the Natural Health Product Directorate’s (NHPD) Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP)."

How careful do I need to be?

p.s. thanks so much to whoever responded to my last message.. It REALLY helped!

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Anonymous said...

Try Jamieson vitamins -- you can buy them at any Shopper's Drug Mart, and in many grocery stores. Most of their vitamins are gluten free and say so on the bottle. I have used them for years. I do not know what their policy is regarding cross-contamination, but since nearly all of the vitamins are gf, I don't think it would be a problem. They are good about answering customer questions on their website (they sent me their gluten free list at one point).