Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Just about to relocate to Toronto from Germany (where I was diagnosed 2 years ago). It has been a real challenge shopping for GF food here and knowledge of cealiac disease is really limited which makes eating out a real challenge.

Reading this blog gives me hope that things could be easier in Canada. Just one question - where is the best place to by GF food? Do supermarkets stock it as a rule - or is it just health food shops (as here)? Any tips would be appreciated.


EM said...
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EM said...

Hi -

I think you'll be able to get GF products all over the place.

In terms of large-chain grocery stores, Loblaws and the Supercentre both have decent health-food sections that have GF food. They also have frozen goods that are GF, and prices aren't terrible.

Smaller-scale stores also have a lot of great items. My favourites include the specialty food store at the hospital for sick children, fiesta farms, and whole foods (sort of a large chain as well). There is a trend towards more GF food at small grocery stores as awareness of celiac increases, and I was plesantly surprised by the selection and variety of available food after moving to Toronto from the United States.

I'm sure others can add to my list! Good luck.

Leekat said...

First, welcome to Toronto!

We are really lucky here because there are a growing number of both large and small grocery stores that are carrying GF foods now as EM said. However there are a few that stand out to me including Noah's Fine Foods which is a chain that carries an assortment of great GF products but can sometimes be a little pricier. The Big Carrot on the Danforth has an amazing selection of foods for various allergies and diets; as a GF vegetarian I really enjoy their selection.
There is a great local co-op on Markham St. called Karma Co-op. They carry lots of GF food at great prices and is in the same neighborhood as The Kensington Bakery which carries everything from GF muffins to breads,cookies, and even GF cakes at very reasonable prices. QI market is is found both at Eglinton and Christie and Eglinton and Bathurst has the best prices on GF foods, supplements and natural products in Toronto. They will even match any prices you find that are lower so you can do all your shopping in one store!

I hope this helps and I wish you the best in Toronto!

Angela said...

Life will be much easier here than in Germany. I moved to Toronto from Germany in 2005. I was diagnosed here, but every time I go back, most people don't even know what the words celiac and gluten mean and they are horrified once they learn that it means beer and bread. If you have any tips about eating gluten free in Germany, I'd love to hear them!