Saturday, January 24, 2009

Yanjing is not gluten free.

Two weeks ago, the wine columnist (Beppi) in the globe said that Yanjing beer from china is gluten free as it is made with rice (I am pretty sure he said then that there was no barley). Today, he apologized saying that he got it wrong. They do use barley - "I should have not said gluten-free. I now have it from two laboratories (not to mention the brewery) that the beer contains gluten because it was made with barley. .... My sincere apologies." Oddly, I quaffed the first one last night with no symptoms..... (my spouse bought it for me - I sort of object from beer from that distance....) - so beware.


Anonymous said...

Yanjing Beer does contain gluten and should be avoided by Celiacs.The Canadian company who represents it in Canada should get it's facts straight when making claims that it is not gluten free.

Anonymous said...

DO NOT DRINK THIS BEER! It contains gluten.