Sunday, February 01, 2009

The Specialty Food Shop in Sick Kids Hospital is great! They have a whole dedicated freezer, and loads of GF products and baking items. I picked up some glutino bagels(pretty good!), El peto frozen pie shells (hubby made a quiche this morning- yum!), lasagna noodles, cereal, granola, oh, and INCREDIBLE chocolate maccaroons! They even deliver, and have a truly comprehensive website.


Ely said...

Hey guys,
i fodund an interesting blog about celiac disease by an italian girl. Take a look!

Anonymous said...

more people will see your link if you write it as a "post", as opposed to a "comment" !!

New to G-Free said...

I've also been to the Specialty Food Store and it's GREAT!! Check it out, it's worth the subway ride. Bring lots of bags so you can load up on one trip.