Friday, April 03, 2009

Frankie's Ristorante, 1 Main St. South Uxbridge, Ontario, 905-852-1011 (45 minutes NE of Toronto)

Frankie's is a completely gluten-free & nut free restaurant specializing in traditional Mediterranean cuisine, including vegetarian options.

I haven't been to this restaurant, but I received a nice email message from the owners who explained: "Our food is 100% gluten-free (mostly started due to the severity of my Celiac sons.) but also for a healthy lifestyle which we find is becoming more popular. I would love to feed the Celiacs everywhere because I know first hand how difficult it is to eat gluten-free especially in a restaurant setting. However, I would like to think we have been very successful in providing delicious meals that not only Celiacs can enjoy but their 'regular' eating partners also and with no risk of cross contamination.

"Come over to Frankie's and enjoy our fare. We are at 1 Main Street North in Uxbridge Ontario. Approx. 45 minutes NE of Toronto. Call us at 905.852.1011 (we recommend making a reservations)."

Have a look at the menu.


Anonymous said...

FANTASTIC food. I bring my friends and they could not tell it was Gluten and wheat free, you can also buy loaves of gluten free bread, deserts and crackers to take home.
I drive one hour each week just to get lunch and bring home some lovely treats.

Lesley (hairstylist/colorist/G.T.A) said...

Amazing food and selection. Great staff! I have NEVER got sick at this restaurant. Desserts are amazing! Highly recommend it.

Gluten free Glo said...

THis place, Frankies' is the BEST!! WOW, what great food, great atmosphere and great family that own and run it! Absolutely worth the drive to Uxbridge! Fortunately I live within 30 minutes of it :). Wish there were more places like this!

Anonymous said...

Been there too! Enjoyed it immensely. Took some friends who do not think they have a gluten issue and they enjoyed it and slept well that night. Staff are very friendly.
They have a bakery as well - excellent dinner rolls, for instance, and the chocolate cake and sticky pudding are to die for!