Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Lakefront Brewery's Grist Gluten Free Beer at LCBO

I just received a message indicating that Lakefront Brewery's new Grist Gluten-free beer is available in about 240 LCBO stores in Ontario. This beer was the Gold Medal winner for Gluten-free beers in the Great American Beer competition (in 206, I believe).

The LCBO number for the Grist GF Beer is 119370 and is listed at $13.55 for a 6 pack, which is 20% cheaper than Le Messagère. You can ask the store beer controller or the store manager to stock this product if it is not available at your nearest LCBO location.

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cecilheny said...

I wanted to ask a question/ leave a comment and I don't know where so I'll try it here.

Is anyone aware that Glutino has stopped producing their flours?

THis is unfortunate as the white rice flour Glutino sold was MUCH better than others brands such as El Peto etc..

Does anyone know of a good flour that is similar to Glutino's??