Friday, January 01, 2010

Approximately 7 months a rash appeared on my back. It appears to be related to me being celiac, the medical term for the rash is Dermatitis Herpetiformis (from what I can gather from the internet). Dermatitis herpetiformis (DH) is an autoimmune blistering skin disease associated with coeliac disease

I was diagnosed as celiac approximately 11 or 12 years ago and never have I had a rash. I am on a strict gluten-free diet (my wife cooks & bakes most of our food).

This rash is very itchy and has a burning sensation. I sometimes scratch until it bleeds. The rash is itchy/burning most of the time but there are times that I hardly notice. My doctors (GP & Homeopathic) had not seen a rash like this before. I am trying to treat this rash naturally but have not had much success with Homepathic remedies.

Antobiotic "Dapsone" is first choice for medical treatment, and reduces the itch within a day or two. Cautions and blood monitoring requirements should be noted. This drug is given to people with leprosy and seems to have bad side affects!!

Has anyone had success treating Dermatitis Herpetiformis ?
Is there a website out there that can help me?


Shauna McCabe said...

I too have Celiac disease with Dermatitis Herpetiformis (in fact, it was my dermatologist that diagnosed me with celiac). The minute I went gluten free my rash disapeared within a few months. Because I have non-traditional symptoms the first sign that I've had any little bit of gluten is the reappearance of the rash. I know that not everyone has the same type of reaction but I would really look at what you're eating. I've had THREE accidental gluten ingestions in the past year because the manufacturer has changed their recipe. I also get the rash when I use skin products/shampoo etc that contains gluten. When I was first diagnosed I was using a gluten free shampoo -- then they changed their formulation and my rash came back with a VENGENCE! I've switched to Dove (which is currently gluten free) and the rash went away.

garygwill said...

Hi Shauna,
I wonder if it is the shampoo I remember wondering when it all started and I had made a change in shampoo. Thanks for your input.


Erinn said...


I also have DH. Generally speaking the rash goes away with a gluten free diet. But... as I went undiagnosed for some time and caused quite a bit of damage I sometimes develop short term intolerances to foods. For example, if my diet has too much rice in it it will trigger a dh reaction on occasion. I find it best to rotate and monitor food choices.

garygwill said...

Interesting that rice stirs up Dermatitis Herpetiformis. Our family eats a lot of white rice, I thought white rice was gluten free. So I might try eating potatoes in place of the rice for a while.

Gluten Free Trina said...

Thanks for the info on Dove soap. Good to know.

Anonymous said...

I also get a few of those very itchy bumps if I overindulge in seafood or salty things. Apparently iodine sets off a reaction, not just the accidental ingestion of gluten. Hope this helps. :-)

Angela said...

I have a dermatological reaction to gluten as well. The first thing I notice when I eat gluten is that I get itchy, but it doesn't turn red. My biggest reaction though, is when I use cosmetics with gluten in them. Especially hand cream. I had a reaction to sunscreen on holidays and I broke out into a rash over my entire body. Not fun at all. Noah's is great for GF toiletries and cosmetics. My rash usually looks like itsy bitsy blisters that are very, very itch.

christine said...

all this is great stuff !

i also havee dh ,
my hands get itchy , i scratch until it bleeds -- and theen it drys out and gets all flakey, peely and dry; to a point where i cant even extend my fingers fully ..

i find that when the rash occurs , sea salt is the best way to go in regards to cleaning and making sure its clean. it tingles and may sting a bit , but your hand will definitley feel better, well at least mine does : )